Thursday 11 February

Hello everyone. Today we finish the Jack and the Beanstalk story.



Thursday 11 February

Good morning. Click on Jack to hear our morning message.


Out of the four rules of number we have done multiplication, division and addition, so today it must be subtraction. We will be counting back on a number line to subtract a single digit number and we will be using chips and peas to subtract a 2 digit number. Use Thursday Maths Subtraction in the files below.


Yesterdy, we collected facts about Greyfriars Bobby. Today, we are using those facts in a fact file. Use your facts to answer the questions in complete sentences. Some questions only need a short answer, but still in a sentence. Some of the questions need a longer answer. Maybe, you could use repetition or alliteration in your answers. There are two pages to choose from for your writing in the files below, Greyfriars Bobby Lined Paper. One has the questions already written, one is blank for you to write the questions yourself. Use your facts from yesterday in full sentences please. Click on the link if you woud like to hear the story again.

Click on Greyfriars Kirkyard gates to watch me talking about the fact file. 

Remember to read to a grown up for 20 minutes.

Practise your spellings for a test tomorrow. How confident are you feeling?


Today we finish the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The Giant sees Jack and chases him down the beanstalk. But someone is waiting at the bottom with an axe. Which is your favourite song? I still think mine is 'I Am The Golden Hen'.


Our PE warm up today is from Manchester United and England superstar, Marcus Rashford.

Then join the Chance to Shine team to develop those cricket skills. Which skills did you practise on Tuesday? Improving your technique and practise again.

Listen carefully to the tips for success.

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