Thursday 25th February 2021

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Microsoft Teams Meeting


Microsoft Teams Meeting

Quiet Reading







Thursday 25th February 2021


Please spend no longer than 20 minutes on Prodigy. Click on the logo below to take you to the website. 



Maths (1 hour)

Please join us for a live Microsoft Teams lesson at 9:00am. 

If you were unable to join the Teams session, please start the lesson by working through the maths PowerPoint uploaded at the bottom of the page. There are some activities that you can work through before moving onto today's task. Please only complete the varied fluency questions (up to slide 8) on the PowerPoint.

Today we are interpreting pictograms. Please choose an activity today that you feel has the right level of challenge. There is a * and a ** option today. The answers are also included in the documents so, if you would like to, you can check your own answers. 



If you would like a further challenge, there is one uploaded below. Please choose one page to complete.

* - D

** - E

*** - GD 


Please upload your responses to the maths task on Seesaw. Thank you.



English (1 hour)

Please join us for a live Microsoft Teams input at 10:30am. 

If you were not able to join our Teams session, the PowerPoint and the activities are uploaded below. Please use this PowerPoint to work through today's tasks. There are also example word banks for you to use when you are creating your own word bank. 

For Task 2, you may wish to also use the 'sentence starters' document to guide your sentences today. 


Please remember to keep reading every day and practising your spellings too. Today, you could write out your spelling words in different coloured pens or pencils or you may prefer to practise your spellings in a different way. 


Please upload your responses to the English task on Seesaw. Thank you.



Computing (1 hour)

Task 1

Today we are learning about online safety and how to keep safe when chatting online.

Please have a go at this online lesson HERE.

Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 

Please complete all the activities included in the lesson and you may want to pause the video as you complete them. There is a song included in the lesson. You may want to replay the song to learn the words. 


Task 2

Please have a go at the online lesson from Barefoot Computing. Today we are looking at computational thinking through unplugged activities. This means that you do not need to use a computer to complete the activities - all you need is paper and a pencil. Please only complete the first lesson unless you would like to have a go at the second one too! For today, you only need to watch from 4:45 to 11:45.

Click HERE to visit the online lesson.

Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 


I have uploaded the Barefoot documents below, should you wish to use them. I can't wait to see your dance algorithms on Seesaw!


Please upload your responses to the Computing task on Seesaw. Thank you.



Music (1 hour)

Please click HERE to watch (and join in with) today's Daily Big Sing from Love Music Trust. Today it is 'Listen to the River'.

If you would like to watch tomorrow's Daily Big Sing you can click HERE.

 Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 



This week we are continuing to learn and apply different musical vocabulary when discussing pieces of music. 

Please watch THIS lesson to learn about timbre.  

Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 

After, please watch the performance video on the BBC website to listen to THIS piece of music. The performance video is the first video at the top of the page.

If you would like to know more about the piece of music, you may want to go back to the BBC page to watch some of the other videos. 

 Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 

What can you say about the timbre of the piece of music? Please write down (or upload onto Seesaw) some words to describe the music. If you are unsure, watch the timbre video again to help you.


Please upload your responses to the Music task on Seesaw. Thank you.

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