Thursday 4 February

Year 2, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your paragraphs over the last week. You have all worked incredibly hard and produced some excellent writing. Today, read all your paragraphs and enjoy the story that you have written. Is there someone you could read it to? You should all feel very proud of yourselves.

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Thursday 4 February

Click on the picture to see our morning message.


Let's use all our skills today. We have learned about tallies, pictograms, different keys and block diagrams. Try to read and answer the questions yourself or ask a grown up to read any tricky words for you. Use the PowerPoint Thursday 4 February Maths.

Please upload your answers to Seesaw via the maths link, thank you.


Today, it is all about the transformation. Nyoka transforms back into the king in our story. Can you think of any other transformations that happen in stories? Is it a bewitched character that transforms? Is it a transformed object? Can you think of any fake transformations? Or is there a natural transformation? Click on the picture to hear me talking about transformations.


Use 'Transformations' in the files below to help you today. Please upload your completed tables to Seesaw via the English link, thank you.

Remember to read for 20 minutes.

Practise your silent letter spellings.


Use Webster the Spider from this link today, as a warm up.

Then use this link for the ‘Chance to Shine’ cricket coaching session. It is the long session we used on Tuesday. Try the skills you missed on Tuesday or sharpen your skills and practise them again.


'I am the Golden Hen' is my favourite Jack and the Beanstalk song. Jack visits the Giant's castle again and steals the golden hen.

Some of you might want to change to words to make the song about your family and you.

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