Tuesday 12th January

It's Tuesday!


Good morning everyone.


There is no live Teams meeting at 9.15 today as I have sent out invites for smaller group Teams meetings. They will be another Read Write Inc session. It would help if your child could be ready with something to write on such as whiteboard and pen or paper and pen/pencil.


My good morning video for today can be found at the bottom of this page.


The sessions are at the following times: 


Group 4: 9.30 - 9.45 am (follow up sheet for ow is at the bottom of the page)


Group 3: 10.00 - 10.15 am


Group 2: 10.30 - 10.45 am


Group 1: 11.00 - 11.15 am 


Today we are also going to be doing ...


Dough Disco


It was lovely to have you join us for our 'dough disco' and 'funky fingers' exercises yesterday. We hope that you enjoyed it. We used 'Proud Mary' and 'I Think We're Alone Now' yesterday. If a child talks about a particular song we do try and use it, as in the case of this song. Today we have chosen ...


99 Red Balloons


Maths - 'Alive-in-5!'. Lesson 2 (week 2)


Just to remind you when you visit the White Rose website you will find the videos for a whole week based around 'Alive-in-5!'. Today is lesson 2, week 2.

The lessons might seem like they are not challenging your child expecially as I know some children are able to count quite far. When children say numbers in order it's a bit like learning the words to a song, they may know them but they don't understand them. This slower pace ensures that children develop a deeper understanding of a number. 


'Alive-in-5!' - week 2, lesson 2




At the start of each of the 'Alive-in-5!' lessons the children are asked to subitise (say how many without counting). Today at 40 seconds in (incase you want to rewatch it) the children were asked "How did you see that 5?". Asking children 'what do you see'? and 'how do you see it'? Are two very important questions in regard to subitising. With the picture below the answer might be "I see 6." and "I see 3 add 3". Look for opportunties for your child to practise this.


There are actually two types of subitising 


Perceptual Subitising

Perceptual subitising involves recognising a number without using other mathematical processes. It assists children to separate collections of objects into single units and connect each unit with only one number word, thus developing the process of counting.

Conceptual Subitising


Conceptual subitising allows one to know the number of a collection be recognising a familiar pattern, such as the spatial arrangement of dots on the faces of dice or on domino tiles. Other patterns may be kinesthetic, such as using finger patterns to figure out addition problems, or rhythmic patterns, such as gesturing out one “beat” with each count.

I have another Jack Hartman subitising song today... warning this one is a bit quicker! 

Subitise Country Style


Understanding the World: Talking about the Seasons


Packing a suitcase game


You are going to need 2 suitcases or bags.


Can you put winter clothes or items into one suitcase and summer clothes or items into the other? Talk about what the weather is like in winter and in summer.


Tell your grown-up why you have chosen the items in each suitcase. 


Are there some things that could go into either suitcase?


Take a photograph or video of what you have packed.


Purple Mash


Login to Purple Mash (login details are on the login cards).


Colour in the warm clothes.


Purple Mash Warm clothes


We will find out more about winter tomorrow.


Have a lovely day,


Mrs Rogers



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