Tuesday 12th January 2021

Welcome to our online learning page!

Please click on the link below to log into Seesaw.



The Teams timetable for TUESDAY is...

10:30am - Live Teams English lesson. 


Please click HERE for Tuesday's daily video message. 


Tuesday 12th January 2021


Please spend no more than 15 minutes on Prodigy or Times Tables Rockstars. 



Today we are continuing to use the grid method to multiply. We discussed the method yesterday during our class Teams session. 

Please watch THIS VIDEO to start the lesson today. 

If you would like to have another look at partitioning, you can have a go at THIS ACTIVITY.

To make arrays, watch THIS VIDEO to help you. If you are working on the one star worksheet today, please watch this first. 

Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 


Next, please have a go at the activities uploaded below. After your activity, if you would like a challenge, I have uploaded one at the bottom of the page for you. Can you find all of Mr Muddle's mistakes?

Please upload your responses to the maths task on Seesaw. Thank you.




Please join us for a live Microsoft Teams lesson at 10:30am.

Today we are finding the features of a non-chronological report. Use the examples below to find the features. Please highlight or underline these in the text. There is a *, ** and *** star text for you to read first.

Can you find all the features? 

Can you highlight the features to show where they are in the text?

The link for 'The Emperor's Egg' text can be found HERE if you would like to listen to the story again. 

Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 

Please upload your responses to the English task on Seesaw. Thank you.



Please remember to read for at least 20 minutes each day. You can let me know on Seesaw which book you are reading at the moment. I love finding a new book to read!



Our next topic in French will be....... food!

Please can you watch the video to practise saying some fruits in French. 


Next, please draw and label the fruits in your book or on paper using the worksheet. You can find the worksheet uploaded at the bottom of the page. It is also uploaded onto Seesaw for you. 

Finally, watch THIS SONG about fruit. See if you can sing along. 


Please ask an adult before clicking on any links. 


Please upload your responses to the task on Seesaw. 



Please complete the following lessons on Oak National Academy. I really enjoyed seeing the jigsaw pieces that were uploaded for the lesson last week. Click on the blue text to take you to the next lesson. Please complete all the activities included in the video. 

Lesson 1 


Please respond to the RHE task on Seesaw. I am really looking forward to reading your letters!

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