Tuesday 19 January

Good Morning everyone. Are you ready for the day?

Tuesday 19 January

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For the rest of this week we are going to be learning about 2D and 3D shapes. Can you recognise them? Can you spot them in the environment, all around you? Later this term we will learn more about the properties of these shapes.

Watch the video to remind yourself of your Year 1 learning about the names of 2D shapes.


Try these sorting questions and then go on a 2D shape hunt. Look around your home to see which 2D shapes you can find. Try the questions on 'Tuesday Maths 2D Shapes' in the files below. There is also a shape challenge. In 'Tangrams’ you will need to cut out the shapes really carefully, and see if you can make some of the tangram pictures.


Gather your riddle ideas and lets get going. Click on the to watch me write a riddle about rhubarb. There are some line guides in the files below, to help you. Is there someone in your family you could try out your riddle on? In the files below, is a reading comprehension about snakes. Choose which set of questions to answer and send it to me via the Snakes link on Seesaw, please.


Today we are noticing the shapes we can see in an object, to help us to draw it. Here, Paul Priestly draws a watering can. 


If you send me your watering can pictures, I will create an art gallery so that you can see each others artwork.


How fast are your feet? Try this lava exercise, imagine the floor is lava.


Rolling looks easy, but look how straight his body.


Finally for today, use your own body weight to help you wake up those muscles.



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