Tuesday 23 February

Tuesday 23 February

Good Morning, click on the halves to hear our morning message, thank you.


Can you recognise a half? Today, you are going to show half on objects like shapes and draw the other half of a shape, remembering that the halves must be equal. Use 'Tuesday Maths Recognise A Half' in the files below.

Please send me your maths via Seesaw, thank you. 


To help us write in the past tense in our diaries, we are going to practise using 'was' and 'were' today.

When should we use 'was'? When should we use 'were'?

was    is used when the sentence is about one person, one animal, one thing.

were     is used when the sentence is about more than one person, more than one animal, more than one thing.

Watch me talk about 'was' and 'were' here. Watch me choose 'was' or 'were' here. Use the PowerPoint 'Using Was And Were' to guide your writing. Please send me your sentences via the English link on Seesaw, thank you.

Read to an adult for 20 minutes. 

Practise your spellings for Friday.


Shall we try something completely different? You will not need your pencils for this, so put them away!

We are going to try ‘Initial Collage’ .

Its just scissors and glue, plus lots of different kinds of paper. What kinds of paper have you got? Kitchen roll, wrapping paper, packaging paper, newspaper, cereal boxes, magazines, catalogues, old colouring books, kitchen foil, old books.

Quite a lot when you think about it. Use the inside of a large box of cereal. Cut out a shape maybe a rectangle or a square, about the size of A4 paper. It does not have to be exact.

Initial Collage

Think about the first letter of your first name. Imagine a really large version of that letter on your card, but do not draw it. Instead, cut out pieces of paper to create your initial letter in all the different papers you have. Think about how you will create the edges of your letter. Choose your colours carefully. Are you going to use different textures? Take your time. Within the letter there should be no visible card. I would love to see your creations so do please send them to me via Seesaw, thank you.


We can become 'Brilliant Bowlers'. The skills you practise and develop today, will help you with other games not just cricket. We learn different throwing techniques, how to be more accurate and tactics to help our team. You could try a warm up activity from the new Amaven at home app, details were sent home during the last week of last half term.


We will use Brillinat Bowlers again on Thursday because 'Practice Makes Perfect'.

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