Tuesday 23rd February

Remember to come to our Maths Teams meeting today at 9.30am.  

You are also invited to our Phonics meeting.   

If you can't make the meeting, please find the phonics page and a follow the link to watch a Read, Write Inc video.

Join us on Teams at 9.30am.  

(If you can't make the meeting please watch the video below.)

Warm up song

Counting to 50


 White Rose Video ‘Numbers to 50.’



Now complete the follow up activity attached as a PDF or directly on Seesaw.

Extension Activity

If you want an extra activity you will also find an extension activty attached.  

Remember to choose a good level of challenge.  

1 star- Developing 2 star - Expected  3 star - GD

This is an optional activity so it doesn't need to be uploaded to Seesaw.

English lesson 2

Today, we share our second lesson based on ‘Toys’.  

Watch the introduction video below.

Next, click the link below to watch the story and then complete the questions in sentences. 

The Old Toy Room


Remember to answer the questions in sentences.


1. Who spoke with a deep gentle voice?

2. Why was Lottie sad to miss the train?

3. How did Chester the horse help Lottie?

4. Why had the train stopped?

5. Who came to fix the problem?

6. What was Chester’s special job?


Say your sentence idea out loud.

Afterwards, read through your responses to check they make sense.

I look forward to reading them on Seesaw.

Today, should have been our PE lesson at school.

Join Joe Wicks - 5 Minute Move

Kids Workout 3


Next, it's time for some Go Noodle.

Clap it out!


Danger Force


Roar from NTV


Moose Fabio Don’t Wear Socks


Manage Frustrations


Join Christ Church for an assembly cbased on the feeding of the 5000.



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