Tuesday 5th January 2021

Good morning, Year 5.  We're here again with online learning.  You were fabulous before Christmas and I know that we can do this again.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting work to be completed daily here and once again, we shall have Teams meetings.  More details to follow...


Please join me through Teams for an online maths lesson on prime factors. 

You will need the document Maths Prime Factors.  Use the factor tree documents for further practice. 



Spellings:  Adding the suffix -ness

Complete the spelling activity sheet.

WOTW: vehicle, frequency, curiosity, queue


We have been working on writing an informal letter.  We have looked at features including emotive and chatty language.  Your task over the week is to write a letter to your parents thinking carefully what you would have written if you had been Michael. (See letter in a Bottle document.)

Use the planning sheet to help you with ideas for each paragraph.  

Today, concentrate upon writing the opening paragraph only - not the whole letter.  Think about the writing process.  Draft, edit, check for spellings, punctuation and grammar.  This is more important then trying to write the whole letter in one go.  


Computing - Mrs Bailey

It was great to be back with you in the classroom!
As we discussed yesterday, you are going to be researching the answers to some of the questions that you came up with. There are a couple of things that may help you with your research. There is an information sheet at attached which will give you more information so please read this before doing your research. 
Maybe you could take a picture of your searches to show me that you have been using 'AND' and quotation marks.


Carry out some research using the internet about World War 2 using quotation marks and the Boolean operator, AND.

Use a search engine on the internet to try and find out the answers to your questions. 

Have a go at using quotation marks and the Boolean operator, 'AND' to make your searches more accurate and efficient. 

(There is an information sheet which tells you how to use these with some examples!)

You had some fantastic questions so I am looking forward to reading what you find out! Please post your answers and research onto Seesaw.

**If you have forgotten what your questions were then please do not worry! Just see if you can have a think of some today. Remember, this is your own line of enquiry so should be something that you are interested in finding out about. 


History - Mrs Bailey

Please join me for an online lesson on Teams.

We are going to continue looking at the information text that we started looking at yesterday to learn more about the events in the lead up to World War 2 and why it started. 


You will need to re-read the Early World War 2 information sheet again and pick out important events that happened in the lead up to the war and during the early stages of it. Once you have picked out the important events, you will then need to add them to a timeline in chronological order. 

There is an additional information sheet which is a more challenging read and goes into more detail if you would like to challenge yourself further. 

There are two timelines to choose from. One has dates on to help you locate the important events in the information text. There is also a blank timeline where you will have to search for the events yourself. This is more challenging. 

**If you are reading the more challenging information text then you will need to use the blank timeline. 

I am looking forward to seeing your completed timelines! Please post your work onto Seesaw.

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