Tuesday 5th January

Good Morning, 


It's Tuesday today!


If you can join us at 9.15 for our live Teams meeting we will be very happy to see you.


Today we are going to be ...


Phonics - Read Write Inc


Go through your green speed sounds book. Watch the lesson below on spelling CVC words. You will need something to write with and a piece of paper. You could upload your words into Seesaw afterwards so I can see them.


Read Write Inc Wordtime Set ! speed sounds - spelling


Some children will be able to write the words confidently and some children will need help to recall and write the letters, please don't worry about that, it's quite usual at this stage for children to be unsure how to write the letters and they may write them backwards or not very clearly. Praise them for what they have done and for their efforts. 


Dough Disco


Using your pot of dough that you brought home before Christmas have your own dough disco. Show your grown-up what we do. You can use any piece of music, yesterday we used 'Can't Stop the Feeling' and 'Everbody Move your Feet' both from the Trolls film.


Maths - Number 5


Watch Numberblocks all about number 5 (we watched it in school before Christmas but will rewatch it ready for our leaning about 5)


Numberblocks episode for number 5


Go on a '5' hunt around your home.


Where can you see number 5?


What can you see 5 of?


Make collections of 5 objects.


Make collections of objects that are 'not 5' and talk about '5 and not 5' e.g. "This is 5 and this is not 5."


Get 5 objects and talk about different ways to make 5 by using 2 bowls or plates to divide them.


Story - The Snowy Day


Watch the story again from yesterday.


The Snowy Day


Talk about why the snowball wasn't in Peter's pocket the next morning.


If you have some ice in your freezer take it out and keep an eye on it over the day.


What happened?


Is there somewhere you can put it to help it to melt quicker?


Is there anything you can put on it to help it melt quickly?



Whatever you do today we hope you have a great day,


Mrs Rogers




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