Wednesday 10 February

We are off to Edinburgh this afternoon. We are going to walk around the city, explore the castle, find the statue of Greyfriars Bobby, see a panda and a koala bear at Edinburgh Zoo and watch the penguins being fed at 3 o'clock. But don't worry, we will still be home in time for tea.

Wednesday 10 February

Click on the penguin to hear our good morning message.



We have practised multiplication and division, so today it is 'addition'. We will be counting on an empty number line to add a single digit and using shark fin adding to add two 2 digit numbers. Use Wednesday Maths Addition in the files below. Please send your maths to me via the maths link on Seesaw, thank you.


Have your heard about Greyfriars Bobby? He was a little Skye Terrier who lived in Edinburgh with his master Auld Jock, a nightwatchman. When his master died, Greyfriars Bobby slept by his grave for 14 years. At the sound of the one o'clock gun fired above the city each day, he would walk to a coffee house for food and a drink from the friendly owner. But he always returned to his master's grave. Nowadays, there is a statue of Greyfriars Bobby, which is visited by tourists. Watch author LInda Strachan read her version of Greyfriars Bobby here:

Today and tomorrow, we are going to plan and write a fact file about Greyfriars Bobby. Click on the Greyfriars Bobby Information to find out about him. Use Greyfriars Bobby Facts in the files below to collect your facts. Click on the statue to see me talking about the fact file.

I know I say it everyday, but it really is important to keep your reading going. At home you have the ebooks that I sent via Oxford Owls and also Epic for free choice reading. Of course, you also have your own books to delve into as well.

Practise your soft 'c' spellings for Friday. They are not easy so keep practising.


Can you use your imagination? Oh good. We are off to Edinburgh. Use the PowerPoint 'Edinburgh' to take you on a journey. 


This week it is 'Safer Internet Week'. How do we keep ouselves safe online? In school we have talked about personal details and not sharing them with other people. Can we believe and trust everything we see online? Use Safer Interenet Day to start some conversations at home. Then choose how to spend the rest of your IT time. Prodigy? TTRS? Epic? Branch? Purple Mash?


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