Wednesday 13th January 2021

Good morning, Year 5. 

I can't believe we're half way through the week already!! Once again, I'd just like to thank you all for joining me on Teams and for working so hard.  You're all doing really brilliantly.


EMA (15 minutes)

Please follow the link to My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 15.  (The inverse operation). Click on the third row (Wed) at the side of the title which says home learning pack. Above is a grey tab to click for the answers.  You can also watch the YouTube video tutorial to support you - Vid1 and Vid2.  




Teams sessions: 9 am or 9:45 am. If you can't make the session, don't worry as all of the work with support is attached below.

Mental Maths (15-20 minutes)

This week, we are working on our 12x tables.  Have a go at the following tasks:

  • Open the Mental Maths document and have a go at multiplying by a multiple of 12. (Answers on the second page.)
  • Follow the link to Hit the Button.  You could choose Times Tables, x12 to simply practise your 12x tables or you could choose Division Facts - Hit the Answer or Hit the Question as a challenge.   



LO: Multiply a 1 digit number using the short method

This week, we have been working on the short method of multiplying. To recap on how to do this, please check out the links below.

After, have a look through the maths PowerPoint (slides 12 - 15).  These slides will go through examples of reasoning and problem solving questions.  Now, choose from a *, ** or *** maths activity.  


If you would like a maths extension, why not try the maths extension activity where you'll find the answers under the blue boxes.


English (You can join me on Teams at 10:30 for this session and for the next chapter of Kensuke's Kingdom.)

Spellings: Using the suffix -ship (20 minutes)

Please find attached a handwriting sheet to practise your handwriting and words with the suffix - ship.

WOTW: thorough, system, suggest, symbol 

Writing: Lune et L'Autre

Yesterday, you completed word banks for each paragraph of your writing and practised adding adjectives and adverbs to sentences to make them descriptive.  Watch the short animation again using the link below then complete today's task.

Task 1: Open the document English Sentence Openers.  Read the instructions then create your own descriptive sentences making sure you start them in various ways so your writing sounds more interesting.  There is a word bank to help you on the second page.  

Extension: Can you add a short, dramatic sentence to a longer descriptive one to create tension?

E.g. At that moment, a sudden darkness engulfed Isabelle and her surroundings.  Startled, the little girl peered uneasily around.  She was not alone...



Here's a new song for you to learn 

LMT Big Sing - Monday 11th January - I've Gotta Feeling - YouTube

You could then sing along here

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling Lyrics - YouTube

And here is this week's music lesson showing you how to develop the body percussion we've been learning and add it to the lyrics of a song. Have fun!

LMT KS2 Curriculum - Week Commencing 11th January 2021 - YouTube




First I would like you to revisit the days of the week.

Either print off the sheet below or write them out in order. Can you think of something to draw next to each day to show what you do?

Your next job is to learn the parts of the day ( morning, afternoon, evening, night). Watch this video

Have a look at the pictures attached, then draw and label them.. 



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