Wednesday 13th January

Good Morning, 


Today is Wednesday! 


If you can join us at 9.15 for our live Teams meeting we will be very happy to see you.


Today we are going to be doing ...


Phonics – Read Write Inc


Please choose the right lesson for your child.


Group 1: Today's lesson is 'sh'. The video for today is on our year 1, set 1 phonics page. There are 5 videos on the page and 'sh' is the top one.

Set 1 sounds 'sh'


Group 2: Contiunue with your reading and spelling lessons from the Read Write Inc You Tube channel. It should be lesson 7 today. (Fingers crossed the link works)

Set 1 sounds word time reading and spelling lessons


Group 3:  You are going to start your set 2 sounds. The first one is 'ay'. Join Mrs Suthers for a lesson. There is an 'ay' sheet below that you can use afterwards to read and write the words from today.


Set 2 sounds 'ay' lesson


Group 4:  Your new set 2 sound today is 'oo' (long oo sound)


Please see the oo sheet below for words to read and write at home.


Read Write Inc set 2 sounds 'oo' lesson


Dough Disco


Join us today live at 11 am for dough disco (invite through Teams)


Today's song choice is a little more recent ...


Shake it off


Don't forget to really work those fingers!


Maths - 'Alive-in-5!'. Lesson 2 (week 3) - Composition of numbers to 5 (3 groups)


Just to remind you when you visit the White Rose website you will find the videos for a whole week based around 'Alive-in-5!'. Today is lesson 3, week 2.

After watching the lesson have a go at the game below. 


'Alive-in-5!' Week 2 lesson 3


Another subitising song, this one is a little slower 


Subitise to 5 song


How to draw a penguin


All you need are a few crayons and a piece of paper. Follow this simple video to draw a penguin using wax crayons. You could draw a whole family if you wanted to!


How to draw a penguin tutorial



Understanding the World: Winter


What's the weather like outside today? 


Have a look through the PowerPoint below to find out a little bit more about winter.

You could use Purple Mash again to draw a winter tree.


Purple Mash Winter Tree


Physical development - dice game


You will need a dice and a bit of space!


1. Choose an action e.g. jumping, hopping, balancing on one leg, skipping.


2. Roll the dice.


3. Using your subitising skills to shout out what number the dice has landed on.


4. Now do that number of your chosen action e.g. if you rolled a 5, 5 hops or standing on one leg for 5 seconds.


5. You can extend this game by using two dice and counting the total number of spots.


6. Have fun!


Enjoy your day,


Mrs Rogers









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