Wednesday 3 February

Hello everyone. How are you today?  Still smiling I hope.

Wednesday 3 February

Click on Nyasha and the King to hear your morning message.



We are looking at block diagrams today. The scale at the side of a block diagram is like the key in a pictogram. Look out for the star questions, check the scale before answering. There is a video to watch:

Then try the questions below, 'Wednesday 3 February Maths Block Diagrams'


It's time to write the last paragraph of our story. Have fun using similes in your writing. Use the PowerPoint 'Into The City' to guide your writing. Please, upload your paragraph to the English link on Seesaw, thank you. Click on the  cheering crowd to watch me write my final paragraph. 

Remember to read to a grown up for 20 minutes.

Practise your spellings too - silent letters.



Continuing with our branching databases, it’s your turn! We have practised choosing a background, choosing characters to sort and asking questions with yes or no answers to sort our data.

Now, you can use the j2e link here, or on our class page to find the link. Choose your own background and pictures to sort, think about your questions only yes or no answers will work.

I would love to see a picture of your branching database when it is ready to play. You could send me a picture via Seesaw.


I hope you’re not seasick! We’re off to Belfast today to look around the city for a castle. Use the PowerPoint ‘Belfast Castle’ to find out more. But don't worry, we'll be back in time for tea.

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