Wednesday 3rd February

Good Morning everyone,


It's Wednesday!


Let's think about today ...


If you can join us at 9.15am for our live Teams meeting we will be very happy to see you. 


Phonics – Read Write Inc


Foxes - 'oy' sound (see below for follow-up sheet and lesson video)


Hold a sentence for after the lesson: I enjoy hot chips.


Hedgehogs - 'ar' (see below for follow-up sheet and lesson video)


Hold a sentence for after the lesson: I went to a park.


Rabbits and Owls - Reading and spelling lesson from the Read Write Inc website.


Hold a sentence for after the lesson: sit on a bed


 Set 1 Sounds Wordtime Reading and Spelling Lessons


Dough Disco


Join us today live at 11 am for dough disco (invite through Teams). 


Today's song choice is ... 


Lional Richie - Dancing on the Ceiling


Don't forget to really work those fingers!


Can you include ...


walk the plank?


superhero squeeze?


smack the dough?




Maths - 'Growing 6, 7, 8!' - week 2


We continue exploring 6, 7 and 8 again this week.


But let's get counting first with our song of the week. 


Counting Down From Twenty


Lesson 3, week 2 - Combining 2 groups


Today you are going to be adding groups together. 


'Growing 6,7,8!' - Week 2


Try the activity below after the lesson.


Additional activities can be found here.


Growing 6, 7 & 8 extra activities


PD Andy's Wild Workouts


Today we have another workout. Let's head to the beach


Andy's Wild workouts - Beaches


Well being for Wednesday


Listen to the story of the happiness jar


The Happiness Jar


What makes you happy? What would you put in your jar?



At the end of the story Meg found happiness without her jar. 


Draw a large sunshine on paper.


You could draw you in the middle or give it a smiling face like the one below.


On each on the rays draw or write something that makes you feel happy e.g. your favourite food, having cuddles or playing with your friends.



Next time you are feeling sad look at your picture. It might make you feel happy again.


See you later for our bedtime story,


Mrs Rogers



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