Wednesday 6th January

It's Wednesday!


Good morning everyone.


If you can join us at 9.15am we will start our day with another short Teams meeting.


Today we are going to be doing ...



Go through your green speed sounds book again. You need to do this everyday so you get super speedy at it. Remember to mix up the order you read the sounds in the book. Thank you to everyone who uploaded their writing from yesterday.

Like with yesterday some children will be able to write the words confidently and some children will need help to recall and write the letters, as I said please don't worry about that, it's quite usual at this stage for children to be unsure how to write the letters and they may write them backwards or not very clearly. Praise them for what they have done and for their efforts.

Ask your child to say these words using 'Fred Talk' and then write the word. Remember to get them to press the sounds onto their 'fred fingers'





If they can manage those confidently try...





Hold a sentence Ask your child to say this sentence after you. You need to say it quite slowly and clearly.

sit on a bus 

You need to say it a few times taking it in turns. Ask your child to have a go at recording their sentence on paper or a whiteboard if you have one. Praise all of their efforts! Encourage them to 'fred talk' each word and to leave a finger space. Some children will be able to do this quite easily and some children will need more support.

Teams invites have been sent out for tomorrow so I can work with the children in smaller groups.



Dough Disco


We do dough disco every day at school. So I have included it for today too. You can use any music you like really, anything that makes yo feel like dancing and moving about. Another favourite to use is 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner. Click on the link here to listen to it.


Tina Turner - Proud Mary


Maths - Number 5


We are continuing with our learning around 5.

We have a short video to watch around 5 and there is a game to play which can be found at the bottom of this page. The teaching video and game are from the White Rose website home learning area. We use White Rose maths across the school.

When you visit the White Rose website you will find the videos for a whole week based around 'Alive in 5'. I have chosen the third lesson for today. Your child is very welcome to watch the first and second lessons at another time.

After watching the lesson have a go at the game. You can improvise making a circle to throw the objects into using string/ribbon/a belt or masking tape or you could use a bucket or bowl. Small cuddly toys are good for throwing too!


Alive in 5! - Lesson 3


Story - One Snowy Night


Continuing our snow theme this is a lovely story read by the author and illustrator Nick Butterworth. Listen to the story.


One Snowy Night - Nick Butterworth


Questions to ask about the story ...


Who owns the hut?

What happens to the bed when all the animals get in?

When does it start snowing?

Why do the animals go to Percy?

Where do the animals sleep?

How do you think they feel when Percy lets them in?


Task: Can you draw or write a list of the animals in the story? (Keep it safe as you will need it for tomorrow)



Whatever you do today we hope you have a great day,


Mrs Rogers



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