Year 2

The Chicken Thief - November 2020

Year 2 have told the story of The Chicken Thief.  It is a book with no words so we had to use our imaginations. Fox springs out of the bushes; snatches Chicken and sprints away. The friends give chase to rescue their friend Chicken. But does it have a happy ending?


The Queen's Hat - March 2020

Pupils used adjectives to describe the hat. They used 'and' and 'when' to join ideas as well as prepositions to explain where the hat traveled on its journey to Kensington Palace.



Animals in our Local Area - October 2019

In Year 2 we have been learning about animals that life in our local area. We wrote an information text about hedgehogs. The children had to write in the third person and use past tense verbs.



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