Monday 1st February 2021

Good Morning Year 5

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to another week of online learning.  Can you believe it's February?  I can't! 

This week's assmebly, by Mrs Jones, introduces Children's Mental Health Week. Click on the link below to watch this.


EMA (15 minutes)

Please follow the link to My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 8.  (Solving problems with scaling.) Have a go at the tasks below.  Start on one star and move onto two star if you're feeling confident. If you need extra support, you can watch the online tutorial - Vid 1.

* Click on MON (scroll down for answers.)

** Click iQ1



You can join me on Teams for this session.  Don't forget, your time may have altered today due to maths sessions for some children with Mr Reid.  Look out for a slot at either 9 or 9:35 am.

Mental Maths (20 minutes)

Follow the link below to Hit the Button.  Click on Number bonds then choose from the following activities:

* Make 100 (tens)

** Make 100

LO (40 minutes)

What is a fraction?

Today, we are starting our new maths unit - fractions.  This will last for about 3 weeks.  If you can't join me on Teams, work through the PowerPoint which goes through what a unit and non-unit fraction is.  After, complete the maths activity.  Check your answers.  If you are feeling confident, try extension 1 (choose from a *, ** or *** activity) then extension 2 - answers both questions.  (The answers are behind the blue boxes.)



You can join me at 10:30 for this session on Teams.  We will start by reading some of Carrie's War so you might like to have your Carrie's War book for this.  

Spellings (20 minutes)

Our spellings again this week are homophones or near homophones.  Please look at the spelling PowerPoint attached. After, complete the spelling activity sheet. Don't forget to spend 5 minutes revising our new words of the week, below. 

WOTW: necessary, especially, opportunity, sincere

Comprehension (30 minutes)

Read through the balanced argument - Should dogs be banned from parks? After, answer the comprehension questions provided.  Don't forget to check your answers.

Writing (30 minutes)

Today, we will be writing the opening paragraph to our balanced argument.  This introductory paragraph briefly states what the argument is about.  It may include a rhetorical question to get the reader to think about the argument.  Have a look at may WAGOLL to help. You may also want to read through the document "Facts about Evacuation". 


Mrs Bailey

Guided Reading

(Please work through this over Monday and Tuesday afternoons.  If we were in school, we would have two sessions, one on each afternoon).

We are doing something a bit different for our Guided Reading this week.

Your questions are going to be about a picture, rather than a text.

(The picture is available to download in the files section).

The focus of your guided reading this week is making predictions using implied details, so what you can see in the picture.

Work your way through the questions at your own pace, including the Vocab Check activities.

(There is no need to do the SPAG section)

Please write your answers in full sentences. 

The answers are also available for you to check your own work.

Please post your work onto Seesaw.


My small group:

Your session is at 1pm. Please make sure you have a pen and paper, as well as the text ‘Healthy Eating’ to refer to.

You should have read this ready for the session.

See you soon.




LO – I can explain why I think World War 2 was called a World War 2.

LO – I can use an atlas to show why World War 2 was a world war and to show who the allies, axis powers and neutral countries were.


Please join me for a live lesson on Teams at 1:45pm.


If you can’t join me then please follow the instructions below:


Task 1 (10 minutes):

Answer the following question:

Why do you think World War 2 was called a World War?


Task 2 (45 minutes):

We are going to use an atlas to show why World War 2 was known as a world or global war.

There were 3 different sides in World War 2:

  • The Allies – these countries were on Britain’s side
  • The Axis Powers – these countries were on Germany’s side
  • Neutral countries – these countries remained neutral, supporting neither side

Using the ‘list of countries involved at the beginning of the war’ document from the files section, locate the different countries on the map (this can also be found in the files section), label them and shade/colour a small circle inside them to indicate which side they were on.

Your map should have a key to show which colour is for which side.

There are three * options or the maps and the list of countries:


*Map of Europe – use colour to indicate the different sides


**World map – locate and add colour to the countries to indicate the different sides, countries in Europe are highlighted to guide you as to where to find them more easily


***World map – locate and add colour to the countries to indicate the different sides


There are photographs of pages from the atlases that we use in school and a copy of a world map from online to help you locate the countries.

There are examples of children's work from last year to give you an idea of what your map should look like. 






This week in Children’s Mental Health week.

Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health. It releases endorphins which are ‘happy hormones’ which make you feel good and energised!

Also, it means that you have to focus on the present which is called being mindful. Mindfulness is a great way to boost your mental health too.

I have put a couple of options below for you to choose from for your PE lesson this week to help you release those endorphins, focus your mind and be mindful.


There is a Joe Wicks workout. Sometimes, we can feel a bit tired and sluggish. Doing some more vigorous exercise can help make us feel better and more energised:


Joe Wicks PE


There are a couple of Cosmic kids yoga videos for if you’re feeling like you would like to feel calm and to relax:


Sonic yoga:

Sonic yoga

Trolls yoga:

Trolls yoga



You could also practise your juggling to help you to be mindful and focus on the present:



Let me know which activity you chose on Seesaw.




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