Tuesday 26 January

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Tuesday 26 January

Good morning, click on the


to hear our morning message.

Year 2  Art Gallery

Click on the watering can to see

your fabulous artwork.



Yesterday, you practised using tallies. Today, see if you can apply your learning. Try the questions on the Tuesday Maths Tally file from below. Please upload your responses via the maths Seesaw link, thank you.


Authors read their writing over and over again. Today, we are editing our writing to take it from good to fabulous! Click on the     to see me edit my writing. Use your word mat to support spelling. so far, we have focussed on writing in the present tense and in the third person. Today, let's read through our paragraphs and check those sentence beginnings, spellings and of course check it makes sense. The word mats we use in school are in the files below, along with some special Snake Paper to write your finished information text on.


Your watering cans are amazing. You really did look at the shapes when you were drawing. Today, let’s try a teddy bear. Again, we are looking at the shapes. Please send me a photograph of your teddy bear via the link on Seesaw and I will make another gallery of your artwork, thank you.



Something different today. Bridget the lioness is waiting for you! Practise your 2x with Bridget. You can also see Webster the Spider, Posh Pooch and Professor Pipette. Who is your favourite? Try one of these to get you warmed up.


This link will take you to the Chance to Shine series of cricket lessons. You can use cricket equipment outside or household items inside your house. These skills are good for balance, eye hand coordination and reaction time. It’s quite long so try some or all of these skills, we will use this lesson on Thursday too, so you can practise the skills.



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