Wednesday 13th January

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English lesson 7

Oak Academy with Miss Barron

To write the first problem in the story.


You can upload your response to Seesaw. 

Remember to visit the phonics page for your daily Read, Write Inc lesson.  You can use the link from your Seesaw group activity or from the phonics tab above.  Follow online learning > Year 1 > Phonics Resources > (then letter set 1, 2 or 3)

Warm up

20 Jelly Beans Song


White Rose

Video – ‘Tens and ones (1)’


The folllow up activity is attached below (if you prefer to print it).  

Please upload a photo of the work on Seesaw or complete directly on Seesaw.

We have been having a lot of snow recently and I bet lots of you have been busy making snowmen or sledging.

It made me think how the seasons are so different.

Which is your favourite season and why?

Follow the link below to find my blog and tell me in a sentence. 

It is important that you only type your first name and remember that your reply will be checked first so it won’t appear on the website immediately.

The second task is...


Over the next few weeks, we will visit Jessie and her friends to find out about internet safety.

Follow the link below to watch Jessie & Friends episode 1

Jessie learns that she can always speak to a grown-up who will be able to help her and put down the tablet if there is anything she sees or hears online that makes her feel worried, scared or sad.

Enjoy the Funny Tummy song.

What scared Jessie?  What should Jessie do?

Tell an adult, a sibling or a teddy what you think.  You can tell me on Seesaw if you like.  

At the bottom of the page there is also a PDF book version of the story (if you want to print it) and an information sheet for the family.

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