Wednesday 24th February 2021

Good morning, Year 5.


I hope you are all well and looking forward to your online learning today.  We're half way through the week already!


EMA (15 minutes)

Please follow the link to My Mini Maths and scroll to Week 34.  (Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions.) Click on WED and don't forget to check your answers.



You can join me on Teams at 9 am for this session. 

Mental Maths (20 minutes)

Follow the link to TopMarks Maths - Coconut Multiples.

**Click multiples to 12, mixed 6-12

* Click multiples to 10, mixed 6-10

LO (40 minutes)

Add 3 or more fractions.

If you were not able to join me for the Teams session, you can watch the video below (click on the link) or look at the Maths PowerPoint provided.  After, complete the maths activity.  If you're feeling confident with the work and want a challenge, there are two extension activities for you to complete.  As always, it's really important to check your answers so you can respond to any that you have have done incorrectly.  Like we would in school, you should then try to fix your answers.



You can join me on Teams at 10:30 for this session.

Spellings (20 minutes)

Our spellings this week are words with an /or/ sound spelt au.  Please look at the spellingtask - Code Word Jumble Puzzle. After,  spend 5 minutes revising our words of the week, below. 

WOTW: programme, program, rhyme, rhythm 


LO (40 minutes)

If you were unable to join me on Teams, please read through the English PowerPoint which explains your learning for today.  There are two tasks to complete.  You should aim to spend around 20 minutes on each task.  



PSHE (45 minutes)

Please follow the link to Oak Academy.  Click on Lesson 3 - Time to Get Active.

In this lesson, you will explore the importance of exercise. The lesson will involve getting up on your feet and measuring your heart rate before and after exercising. (Have you got a stop-watch?) You will find out how much exercise you should do everyday - you might be in for a shock! To finish the lesson, you will be creating your own exercise timetable. 






Here's a new warm-up song to get your body, mouth and brain warmed up ready for singing. Can you manage to do the actions and sing the song at the same time?

crash beep beep - YouTube

There's also a copy of the lyrics for you to print out and sing a long.

Could you make up your own verse for the song? It could be about anything you like! 

Please share it with us on SeeSaw

Here's another song you know. Which part are you going to sing?

Gospel medley - Sing Up - YouTube

Now you're all warmed up I'd lie you to sing along with The Power in Me!

Don't forget the air guitar in the instrumental part.

Power In Me - YouTube




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