Wednesday 27th January


Good morning, Year 4! Thank you for joining me yesterday on the Teams meetings for maths and English! Below is today's online learning! Don't forget to upload ALL your work to Seesaw!

9:15am – 10:15am

10:30am – 11:30am

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Maths (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

English (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

Guided Reading



Don't forget about the daily spelling tasks under

Online Learning - Year 4 - Week Commencing 25th January 2021



Today we're continuing with our learning on the area of shapes.

There will be a Teams meeting at 9:15am- don't forget to join me!

Please find the powerpoint and the worksheet at the bottom of the page smiley 

(On the Maths sheet, you can write on it on your device if you want as it is a PDF but as always, printing it off is also fine!)

Don't forget to upload all your work to Seesaw under "Maths task"



This week you are going to be writing your diary entry- as if you were a citizen on the streets of Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted!

Today we are on the final paragraph from your plan- read through what you have written so far so that you know where you are up to and that today's writing continues from where you left it!

When you have finished this final paragraph, read through the entire piece- are you happy with it? I have attached the editing powerpoint at the bottom of the page. Once you have edited and are completely happy, it is time to fill in the success criteria- if there are things you can't tick off, can you edit and add them in?

Don't forget to use your plan and fronted adverbial sentences from last week. 

Here is the link for the video if you need some inspiration: Pompeii video

At the bottom of the page, you will find a powerpoint with hints and tips, a WAGOLL Miss Hilditch has written and the success criteria.

Don't forget to upload your final paragraph and success criteria to Seesaw under "English Task"


Guided Reading (Judy Moody Saves the World)

Please re-read chapter 9 and answer the following questions.

  1. Describe Judy’s Mood at home and at school.
  2. What did Judy do during recess?
  3. What plan does Judy’s class come up with instead?
  4. How will Class 3T raise money for their plan?
  5. Match up the word and the meaning.

Confessed       Admitted you did something wrong

Ecosystem      To collect money for a particular cause

Raise              Situation in which many people are upset about something

Uproar            Everything that exists together in a particular environment

Please read chapter 10 for homework.


Music  (No live input for this lesson)

Our Music lesson today has kindly been planned by Mrs Griffin

This week we are learning 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams.

Learn it here LMT Big Sing - Friday 15th January - Happy - YouTube

And sing along here  Pharrell Williams - Happy (Lyrics) - YouTube

This week you are learning about Sea Shanties

LMT KS2 Curriculum - Week Commencing 25th January 2021 - YouTube

Here's another to sing along to

What shall we do with the drunken sailor? | Sing Up

When you have written your Sea Shanty, if you're feeling brave, why not upload it onto Seesaw.  We'd love to see your work.


School Music

Or if you prefer this is what we are doing in school!

Please find attached two video music lessons. 

Please write on Seesaw when you have watched them!

Video 1

Video 2


PE (No live input for this lesson)

Would you like to have another PE with Joe? Click HERE to try a lesson from last week. 


Today, please have a go at the lesson from Sports Coaching North West. Today there are some challenges for you to have a go at. 

Click HERE to have a go. 

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