Week beginning Tuesday 5 January

Friday 8 January

Welcome to Friday

 Click on me for todays welcome message. Watch out for the biscuits!


Can you count in two’s? We’re going to practise today. Watch the video first.


Then answer as many of the questions as you can. Look at picture carefully, how many two’s can you see? How many objects altoghter? But, don’t be caught out!  0 x 2 = mmmmmmm nothing 0 x 2 = 0 because there are no two’s.


Try solving the problems on the Friday Maths 2x problem solving in the files at the bottom of this page.   Send me your responses on the maths link on Seesaw, please.


Watch ‘The Queen’s Hat’ again. Have you visited any of the places in the story?

Use the powerpoint 'Friday The Queen's Hat Paragraph',to guide your writing today. It starts with a video from me, to support your writing. Pause the video at any point. You are going to write a paragraph to retell the story. I look forward to reading all of your stories when you send them via Seesaw. Neat Excalibur handwriting please.


Exercise helps to keep your body healthy and your mind active. Try some of these activities. You might recognise some of the ASM coaches.

Put a sock in it and Trousers and Tops



This is a KS2 activity, but we do this in school at the beginning and end of the year to see how we have progressed.



It’s OK not to be OK. In this series of lessons Miss Jadoon is talking about feelings, recognising different emotions and ways to help you feel happy.


Thursday 7 January

Welcome to Thursday. Click on me!


We are reading and using arrays today. Look at the rows and columns. Watch the video first.


Then try the questions on the worksheet page.


Write out your 10x and 5x tables just like we do in school. Can you say them without looking?


Did you watch the story yesterday?

Today we are going to write sentences using prepositions which tell us where the hat blew. Use the powerpoint below 'The Queen's Hat prepositions' to guide your writing.

Use this link to learn what prepositions are how to use them:


Remember to read for 20 minutes.


In class we have already started programming using Year 2 Code on the school website.

Curriculum, Homework and Website links, Year 2 Code.

Find the sequencing tasks. Which ones have you done? If the task is dark green you completed it in the shortest number of instructions. If the task is light green try it again, there must be a shorter way to complete the task. See if you can complete 5 of the tasks. If you are enjoying using the computer you could spend 20 minutes on Prodigy.


The story of Jack and the Beanstalk is set in a small village and in a giants palace in the clouds. Use this link to explore the story through music.



Wednesday 6 January

Welcome to today video and introduction to English:



We are going to retell the story of The Queen's Hat. Watch my video below for an instroduction and then use the powerpoint to help you collect your vocabulary and write your sentences.

Remember to read for 20 minutes as well. Have you got any Steve Antony books? Maybe you have stories about kings and queens, castles, palaces, dragons, giants, character transformations like 'The Frog Prince' or 'Beauty and the Beast'. Which character transforms? Why were they not in human form? What causes the transformation? 


Today we are adding equal groups to find totals. Watch this video to see how.  

Spr2.1.3 - Add equal groups on Vimeo

Then try the questions on this work sheet. 


Try to do as many as you can. If that was too easy then try the questions on the 'Adding Equal Groups' page below. Send me your work using todays maths link on Seesaw.

Keep practising your times tables it will really help with multiplication.


Follow this link to find out about Philip Astley. He was a brilliant trick rider and invented the modern circus.


Then look at the activity page 'Philip Astley'. Send me your work using the History link on Seesaw. I would love to photos of your juggling, or balancing.

Tuesday 5 January


On Monday we started learning about multiplication. We looked at equal groups and counted in 3's and 5's. Use this link to watch a video about equal groups.


Then try to answer as many questions as you can on this worksheet. Respond to the maths task via Seesaw please.


Use TTRS and the games on our class page to practise your times tables. Last term we learned 2x 5x and 10x. This term we will be adding the 3x into our repertoire. Count up and down. Try random questions too. 


You are learning to spell 10 new common exception words. If you can not find your list use the page in the files below. Choose 4 or 5 or 6 of the new words and write a sentence for each.

Remember that our sentences in Year 2 must have: correct capital letters, full stop and correct spelling. Send your sentences to me via the English task page on Seesaw please.


Read your reading book or a book from home please.


Look around your home to see what objects are made from eg wood, glass, metal, plastic. Choose a page from the files to complete. There are some classroom examples for you but, you can look around your home for ideas. Send your science work to me via the science task on Seesaw please.


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