Thursday 14th January

Good morning, Year 4! Thank you for joining Miss Taylor on the live Teams lessons! Below is today's online learning! Don't forget to upload ALL your work to Seesaw!


9:00am – 9:15am

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Maths (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

English (Microsoft Teams Meeting)

Guided Reading / Quiet Reading



Don't forget about the daily spelling tasks under

Online Learning - Year 4 - Week Commencing 11th January 2021


EMA (15 minutes) - Follow the link below to My Mini Maths and complete the tasks on 'Adding using a formal method'. (Scroll down for answers.) 

EMA Task


Maths (You can join the live lesson on Microsoft Teams)

Today, we are going to be learning how to choose the most effective or the best multiplication method for a sum!

If you missed the Microsoft Teams meeting, i have attached the PowerPoint below.

Please choose from the three different worksheets.

D - *

E - **

GD - ***

Please upload your work to Seesaw under “Maths task”.

If you finish early, spend 15 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars.


English (You can join the live lesson on Microsoft Teams)

In english today we will be looking at synonyms and antonyms!

If you missed the Microsoft Teams meeting i have attached the PowerPoint below!

There is a 1 star, a 2 star and a 3 star worksheet.

If you really want to push yourself their is an extention activity to complete too!

Please upload your work to Seesaw under “English task”.


Guided Reading (Ratburger)

If you have picked up your Home Leaning Pack from the front of school you will notice that we are going to start a new book. 


Please read chapter 2 + 3. The questions are about chapter 2.

1. List the positives and negatives of Zoe’s childhood.

2. What was it that made Zoe feel really special?

3. Why do you think Zoe wanted a hamster so badly?

4. What do you think “pittance” means? Why?

5. What do you like/dislike about the way David Walliams writes?

Pre-read chapter 4- How do you feel about each of the main characters so far?


Please upload your work to Seesaw!

You are more than welcome to either type it up or write your homework in your Guided Reading Book and take a picture.



Task 1: Joe Wicks

  • Click here to access an 8 minute active workout with Joe Wicks.
  • Remember that Joe Wicks returned this week. He was on Monday, Wednesday and will be on tomorrow morning!

Task 2: Circuits

  • Click here to access a video with a variety of fitness activities.
  • Complete each activity for 30 seconds at a time. Do all the activities three times.
  • Have a short rest between each set of 30 seconds. I would recommend 20 seconds. Increase the rest to make it easier; decrease the rest to make it harder.

Task 3: Juggling

  • As a bit of fun for the last task in PE, we will work on our juggling skills by clicking on the following link: How to Juggle.
  • If you don't have juggling balls at home, you can use rolled up socks.
  • Feel free to send some videos of your efforts to me on Seesaw.


Geography (Teams meeting available if you are stuck or need help)

In geography we are going to be learning about tectonic plates and how they cause volcanos and how volcanos are made.

First watch this video from Oak Academy: CLICK HERE!

You will need two pieces of paper or card for the PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint and the worksheet are at the bottom of the page.


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