Tuesday 15th December 2020

    Good Morning Year 5.  I hope everyone is well and ready for our second day of online learning.  Thanks to everyone who managed to upload their work yesterday.  It was so lovely to see.  If you are able to and haven't done so already, I would love to see any work that you have completed.  If you can't upload the work, don't worry.  Please let me know if you have completed it or if you would like any extra help with anything.  Hopefully, you will all have had a Teams invite for today so I will see you all in a little while.  Take care.  Miss Mc xx


EMA (15 minutes) - Follow the link to My Mini Maths, week 2 (Subtraction using formal written methods).  Click on FRI for the task.  If you would like to watch the online tutorial, click the YouTube link.  Also, if you would like a mastery challenge, click on any of the iQ questions.  (Scroll down for answers.) 

EMA - Follow the link to My Mini Maths.  




Mental Maths (15 minutes): We are working on our 8x tables this week.  Choose from the following tasks to complete, or have a go at them all! 

  • Open the Mental Maths document and have a go at the inverse questions.  
  • Spend 10 - 15 minutes on Hit the Button.  You could choose Times Tables, x8 to simply practise your 8x tables or you could choose Division Facts - Hit the Answer or Hit the Question as a challenge. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button 

LO: Multiplying and Dividing by 100 

Look through the PowerPoint - Multiply and Divide by 100 or click on the video links for an online tutorial.



After, work through the worksheet 1 and 2 then if you're up for a challenge, try the reason and problem solving questions.  (Answers are hidden under the blue boxes.)  Aim to spend around 30 - 40 minutes on the activities. 



Spellings (15 minutes) - learning to spell words with the suffix 'ness'

Choose one of the spelling activities to complete:

* Look, say, cover activity

** Words web activity

Or complete both! 

LO: To use speech marks in writing (Aim to spend around 30 - 40 minutes completing these tasks.)

Either watch the YouTube clip or work through the PowerPoint which recap how to punctuate speech. 


Choose from an activity below (or complete both) to practise writing speech:

* Add speech marks and other bits of punctuation to the sentences. (Scroll to page 2 for answers.)

** Punctuate and organise speech within a paragraph. (Answers provided.)

Extension:  Think carefully about any dialogue that might have occured in The Snowman.  What could conversation could the boy have had with his father/mother or with the snowman?  Have a go at writing their dialogue. 


Use my WAGOLL to look at where I have added speech and how I've organised it.



Please read through Miss Halliwell's RE PowerPoint which gives instructions for today's RE lesson.  You will need the file RE Images to support. 



Computing (Mrs Harris)

If we were in school today, we were going to go onto Scratch to make our Christmas animation. If you can access Scratch, see below for a reminder of your task. Alternatively, if you can’t access Scratch, I’ve put a selection of options for you to try.


Option 1 – Scratch

Your Scratch animation should have a Christmas theme for a background, and at least 1 moving character.

Option 2 – PowerPoint

Can you create a Christmas scene on PowerPoint? Can you copy and paste Christmas themed images? Can you include a Christmas message – for example: Merry Christmas!

Option 3 – PowerPoint

Can you create a Christmas quiz? Or perhaps a joke?

Option 4 – Publisher

Can you use Microsoft Publisher to create a Christmas card?

I’d love to see your creations! Please email them to the school or if you can, put them on Seesaw.














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