Science - 13.01.21

Understanding the Anatomy of the Heart

Please note: there will be a live input for this lesson at 1:30pm today.

Task 1: Label the anatomy of the heart

Task 2: Describing the function of each part

  • Describe the function of the following:
    • Right ventricle
    • Left ventricle
    • Aorta
    • Vena Cava
  • Record your descriptions in full sentences, explaining in detail the function of each one. You should write more than one sentence for each of the parts.
  • As an extension, describe the journey of a single blood cell from the left ventricle. Write this in sentences.

Task 3: Kahoot Quiz and Research

  • Go on Kahoot and complete the Anatomy of the Heart quiz.
  • Input the following pin to play: 05608499.
  • There is no timer on this quiz. Go through all the questions after watching the YouTube videos above and completing the tasks.
  • For any questions which you get wrong, research the correct answers.


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