‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

What it's like to be a writer at Excalibur

Year 2 - May 

What an exciting week! Year 2 have had a special visitor. After visiting her nieces at the weekend Mrs Griffin accidentally brought home her Grace’s Piggy. So Grace didn’t worry about Piggy, we have been involving him in lots of out learning.  We finished the week learning about how to write an informal letter and then writing to Grace and Nelly to let them know what Piggy has been up to. Much excitement all round!

Y2 Grace.jpg

Year 4 - March 

Today in year four, we have been writing our autobiography about Allen Williams from our book The Puffin Keeper. We have focused on making sure our writing was in chronological order and that it made sense.

English Y4.JPG

Year 2 - March 2023

As part of World Book Day, Year 2 read ‘Luna loves Art’ by Joseph Coelho. They loved learning about all the artworks Luna saw at the gallery and enjoyed creating their own book cover. 


Year 6 - March 2023

During World Book Day, inspired by the fantastical world in Our Tower, Year 6 created their own fantasy land maps. They then wrote details about their world, including who lived there and where they different places could be found.

Y6 Our Tower.jpeg

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