Tuesday 12th January

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Some children have been invited to a Teams meeting today.  

Other children have been invited to join a Teams meeting on Thursday.  

This is so we have a smaller group and both meetings will have the same content.

English lesson 6

Oak Academy with Miss Barron

To explore the character’s thoughts and feelings. 

We also sort the letters of the alphabet into vowels and consonants.  You will need some paper and a pencil.


Remember to upload your response to Seesaw.


Remember to make phonics an important part of each day.

Follow the link from Seesaw to find your phonics group or access from the 'Online > Year 1 > Phonics' tab

If you want more 'Phonics Fun' follow the link to find out more.



Warm up

Counting 1 to 20 Song (slower version)



White Rose

Video- ‘Numbers from 11 to 20’


The folllow up activity is attached below (if you prefer to print it).  

Please upload a photo of the work on Seesaw or complete directly on Seesaw.

Today, should have been our PE lesson at school.

Sports Coaching Group have been working hard to create a mixed offer of PE for schools, and their children, whether children are in school or at home.

Please find attached own first PE at home plan. 

The aim of these sessions is to get children active at home using little to no equipment.


Sports Coaching Group have also committed to running live PE sessions every weekday at 10am with various Sports Coaching Group coaches as well as their mascot 'Tommy the Tiger'.  Feel free to join them.


This weeks timetable is: 


Monday: 15 minute circuit & Boxercise 

Tuesday: 15 minute circuit & COMPETITION (weekly winners)

Wednesday: 15 minute circuit & Early Years

Thursday: 15 minute circuit & Dance 

Friday: 15 minute circuit & Sport Specific FUNdamental skills 


Parents can subscribe to their Youtube channel where children and parents can join us live daily from 10am or if they cannot make 10am the videos will all be stored and available for use at a time that suits them.

The link for the Sports Coaching Group Channel is below, all videos will appear: 




The link straight to this mornings session is: 



They will be encouraging engagement throughout the session through adding comments if parents click ‘subscribe’.



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