Tuesday 9 February

It's Tuesday, Art day. A very individual piece of artwork today. I am really looking forward to receiving your pictures today because they will all be very different. 

Tuesday 9 February

Click on the toys to hear our morning message.


Division today. Are you good at sharing? Use the PowerPoint Tuesday Maths Division to guide your maths today. Remember to show your working out. 


Yesterday, we practised questions and exclamations, today we are looking at statements and commands. If you read the book 'Puss in Boots' on Epic, it will help you to write your sentences. I have assigned it to you so it will appear on our screen. Our class code has already been sent to you via Seesaw on January 15.

Statements are ordinary sentences giving information like: Today is Tuesday. It snowed this morning. Marshmallow is fast asleep in the garage.  Commands are sentences that give an instruction. They tell you, or someone else, to do something like: Make a snowball. Roll it in the snow. Put a hat on top. These sentences are telling you to do something. Recipes have good command sentences. Click on Little Miss Bossy to hear me talking about commands and statements.

Please remember to read to a grown up for 20 minutes and practise your spellings they are not easy!


Over the last four weeks we have really looked at objects and the shapes they are made from. We have also tried different media such as coloured pencil, felt tip, wax crayon, charcoal, chalk.

What would you like to draw? What would you like to draw with?

Choose one toy and choose your drawing tool carefully. Look at the shapes, remember the watering can. Think about outline and shading, remember the beaker. Take your time. Lots of detail and shading and outline and attention to shapes please. Then send me your finished drawing and I will make a new art gallery of all your pictures. Send your pictures via Seesaw, please.


Our PE warm up today is from Manchester United and England superstar, Marcus Rashford.


Then join the Chance to Shine team to develop those cricket skills.


Listen carefully to the tips for success.

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