‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Year 1

Recipe Instructions - May 2022

Year 1 have been busy writing instructions for their own recipes. They used imperative verbs to make their instructions clear.

Year 1.JPG  Year 1 2.JPG

Letter to Handa - February 2022

Using the book Handa's Surprise as inspiration, our Year 1 children wrote letters to Handa to thank her for the tangerines.

Y 1 2.JPG Y 1.JPG


Traction Man - November 2021

Year 1 have been generating and recording sentences based on the book "Traction Man" by Mini Grey.

Year 1 - Generate and record sentences 2.jpgYear 1 - Generate and record sentences.jpgYear 1 - Traction Man.jpg

Captains Scott's Diary - February 2020

We found out about Antarctic explorer, Captain Scott.  The children imagined that they were Captain Scott and recorded a diary to share his adventures.  They included some great ideas and tried hard to keep in character.  


Artic Fact File - January 2020

The children researched a chosen Arctic animal using the iPads and information books. They then recorded fact files to display the information in an interesting way.


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