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School Uniform

The Governing Body has decided that they would like ALL children to wear School Uniform.There are a number of advantages to wearing a school uniform:

  • Uniform is a great equaliser and shows no child to be at a disadvantage / advantage.
  • There is no problem having to buy clothes to keep up with fashion.
  • There is no argument about which set of clothes to wear for school.
  • It is no more expensive than other clothes and can be worn until out grown.
  • Children who begin wearing uniform from their Early Years at school will usually accept the routine without question.

The school uniform detailed below is highly recommended and we ask your support in dressing your child appropriately.  If this causes any difficulty please contact us. Please note that the photographs show branded items but your child's uniform does not have to be branded.


Grey skirt/trousers

White polo shirts or white shirts

Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan

White, grey or black socks or tights

Black shoes – Please ensure that footwear is suitable for the rigours of a school day. Fashion shoes, boots and shoes with high heels are a safety risk and trainers, besides making feet sweat, do not give growing feet the necessary support.

Excalibur School Uniform.jpg


Grey shorts, blue/white dresses and white polo shirt.



White t-shirt, royal blue shorts, royal blue sweatshirt/fleece and blue or black joggers.

Trainers are recommended for outdoor work as they provide more grip and protection than black pumps. As the children get older and play more structured games football boots may be more suitable.

Bare feet are used for indoor work, if your child does need to wear footwear for any reason then please supply black pumps.

All articles of clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name. 

Excalibur PE Kit.jpg

We offer the following guidelines/expectations:

  • Piercings - one small stud earing in the ear lobe is permitted but this must be removed or covered during PE.
  • No jewellery, bracelets or rings with the exception being a wrist watch and/or one charity band.
  • Hair colour should be a natural colour

This list us not intended to be exhaustive


Ordering Uniform

If parents choose to purchase uniform with an Excalibur logo it can be purchased directly from Smart Choice Uniform, 63 Crewe Road, Alsager. Telephone – 01270 747170. Smart Choice is run by Mr. Mittal who has been the supplier of our uniform for many years.

Second hand uniform is available from Alsager Community Support Centre on the Fairview/Civic car park. Volunteers run a pre-owned school uniform scheme, which is open to everybody and covers all Alsager Schools. You can either visit the centre or complete the order form below and send it by email to uniform@alsagercommunitysupport.org.uk 


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