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Snow and Bad Weather

In the event of snow or bad weather a decision will be made by the Headteacher regarding whether it is safe to open the school sites. If the decision is made to close the school this will be communicated via our website and through texts to parents/carers and staff and we will inform the local radio stations. When possible a sign will be posted on the school gate giving information.

In the event of a closure during the school day, parents will be notified by text or telephone. All students will be kept safe until collected or authorisation is received from parents/carers that they may be released.

 Parents/carers will be informed in the following way:

  • A text message to inform families that the school is closed (please keep your contact details up-to-date)

  • Regular texts to keep families updated

  • Updated information on the homepage of the school’s website

  • Notices posted outside the school buildings


General Information

If the school does not plan to open in the morning how will I find out?

We will contact parents as listed above and contact local radio stations

What happens if I miss the news and my child arrives at school?

We will always try to have staff at school and they will look after them until arrangements can be made.

What happens if there is bad weather during the day and we are forced to close early?

This school website site will be updated as soon as the decision is made and parents/carers will be contacted as listed above.

How can I contact school during the day if I am worried about whether the school is about to close?

Normally school closures will be notified by the website but if you are worried please phone the main school number 01270 685136.

How will children be sent home if we do close early?

We will stay with children as long as it takes to ensure that they are safely released. If you send another person than yourself to collect your child, make sure that we know who is picking them up.


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