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Mrs Rogers




Summer 1 - 'Changes, Changes'


This half term we will continue to observe the world around us, as spring turns to summer.


We have some great stories to share over the next 6 weeks. 


jack and the beanstalk nick sharratt.jpg   jaspers beanstalk.jpg


We begin our learning this term with the stories 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Jasper's Beanstalk'.


We will be examining seeds to see how they differ and planting our own seeds.


We will investigate what plants need to help them grow. Maybe we can grow a beanstalk of our own!


10 seeds(1).jpg    the tiny seed.jfif


We will observe the changes that happen in tadpoles and caterpillars.


  the hungry caterpillar.jfif tadpoles-promise.jpg   tadpole to frog.jpg


What can we do now that we couldn't do when we were babies? What was it like for babies and children in the past?


peepo.jpg     once there were giants.jfif


What is it like to have a pet? What skills do different animals have?


What sort of pet would you like? How can we help to take care of our pets?


Great pet sale.jpg   the detective dog(1).jfif


Other learning will reflect the children's interests.


Further planning can be found in the Summer 1 planning document below.


PE days

Excalibur PE Kit.jpg

Wednesday and Thursday will be our planned PE days




Seesaw is just one of the ways we communicate with you and share what your child has been doing at school. We might not post something everyday but we post as often as we can so please keep checking. If you enable notifications in your device settings you shouldn't miss anything. If you can't log in for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so we can rectify this for you.





Your child will need a pair of wellies to leave at school. They will be used most days, particularly in wetter weather and over the winter. You are welcome to take them home over the holidays but don't forget to bring them back!


The Early Years Team:

Class Teacher: Mrs Rogers (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Class Teacher: Mrs Ling (Friday)

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jesch

Class Welfare Assistant: Mrs McCormick


Things you can do at home together:

  • Share a story together every day.
  • Play a game, especially one like 'Snakes and Ladders' which involves counting and taking turns.
  • Practice using scissors and cutting out shapes or different lines such as curved or zigzag.
  • Use tweezers to pick up and sort objects such as buttons or raisins.
  • Use old paintbrushes and water in buckets to 'paint' outside on brick walls/drives/patios.
  • Using 'Play-Doh', blue-tack or even a ball of uncooked pastry practice rolling out with a rolling pin, squeezing, stretching or rolling into a ball.
  • Add some music and you've got your own 'Dough Disco!'
  • Visit the queen of ‘Dough Disco’, Shonette Basin Wood https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0shfH3pzhrf3dOrSj_pRw


Other Notices:

  • Please, please name EVERYTHING!
  • You need to have a named water bottle in school every day filled with fresh water.
  • All children in Reception are offered free milk and fruit each day. We have this each afternoon in school.
  • If you wish to send in a snack for our morning snack time please ensure it is a healthy snack.
  • Hot snacks are available each morning.
  • Please ask if you have any questions. 
  • Starting school is a daunting prospect for parents as well as children and we are here to help make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone!


What to bring each day:

  • A waterproof coat.
  • Sunhat and sun cream on warm days.
  • Hat and gloves on cold days.
  • Spare underwear socks/tights etc. (to be kept in a bag on your child's peg with their PE kit)
  • Reading bag with reading diary and key ring inside.
  • Water bottle filled with fresh tap water.
  • A smile!


 Many thanks

Mrs Rogers

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