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Online Safety at Excalibur

We love ICT at Excalibur Primary School and all know how to stay safe when using computers and other ICT devices.

Excalibur Primary School e-safety Rules

Do keep your passwords and personal information private.
Do report anything you find whilst on the computer that upsets or worries you to an adult.
Do take regular breaks away from the computer.
Do remember to be polite and kind to others whilst on the computer.
Do ask adults before downloading anything whilst on the computer.

You can download the school's Acceptable Use and Online Safety Policies below.

Internet Safety in School

The Internet has become an integral part of children's lives, enabling them to undertake research for school projects, talk to their friends and access information from around the world.  Increasing provision of the Internet in and out of schools brings with it the need to ensure that the learners are safe.

Internet development is constantly evolving into evermore innovative areas with many websites enabling amazing creativity and interaction between peers.

Unfortunately though, there are times when the Internet use can have a negative effect on children. At Excalibur we have measures in place to ensure that using the Internet is a positive and safe experience.

  • All children must have returned a form signed by their parent / carer before they are able to use the Internet in school.  These forms are part of the initial enrolement form and all families have returned them.  They are available form the school office.
  • In school we filter the websites available to children and only use search sites such as Google under adult supervision. We may use videos from YouTube to enhance aspects of teaching but children may not use sites such as this without direct supervision.
  • We talk to the children about staying safe online and what the potential dangers may be.

School website

Pupils’ full names will not be used anywhere on the web-site or blog. Photographs of children are used on the website when permission has been given by parents or carers.  Staff or pupils’ personal information will not be published.

Social networking

All of the children at Excalibur Primary School are too young to have pages on social netweorking sites such as Facebook.  Use of Facebook etc is not appropriate for primary aged pupils.  Where teachers and school staff come across social networking sites owned  by pupils from the school who they know to be under aged, the will report them to the responsible site.

We understand that, despite pupils not being allowed to have pages on Facebook etc, that sometimes they do so with the agreement of their parent or carer. We regularly hold sessions with children in the upper part of the school to explain to them how to use these sites safely if they are going to use them with the agreement of their parent or carer.  They can make their use safer by setting the highest security settings, changing their name on the site to a made up one that only their friends will know and blocking access to everyone except people that they actually know.



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