‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Alsager Community Trust (ACT)

Alsager Community Trust (ACT) is the partnership of all schools in Alsager, working together with parents and community partners, to improve the lives of our children and young people. The individual schools who are members of ACT are:

  • Highfields Primary
  • Excalibur Primary
  • Pikemere Primary
  • Cranberry Academy
  • St Gabriels RC Primary
  • Alsager School


The Trust is a Co-operative Trust which has democracy, equality and equity as central principles. All students, parents and school staff are members of ACT, as are interested members of the community, if they wish. Members can join the ACT Forum and have an opportunity to input their opinions on education matters. The Trust and its work is accountable to a Board of Trustees which is made up of 2 governors from each school, 4 ACT Forum members, a representative from the Town Council and other representatives from local businesses, community organisations and higher education

Our Mission is to work in partnership to raise horizons and enrich experiences, for all the children and young people in Alsager.

Our aims are to

  • improve education provision for all learners, aged 5-18, through collaboration and sharing of good practice.
  • provide opportunities and services which are responsive to community needs.
  • enhance the life chances of all children and young people, aged 5-18 in Alsager.

Our current Priorities can be summarised as follows:

  • Raise standards in teaching and learning across all schools
  • Improve pupil outcomes across all schools, through effective collaboration
  • Develop the social and emotional aspects of learning across schools and enhance nurture provision for all children but particularly those who find it difficult to cope with school life.
  • Provide support for all children and families but particularly those who are disadvantaged in some way.
  • Share good practice across all schools, to raise standards in core subjects, across all key Stages, so that attainment and rates of progress for all, exceed national expectations and creativity is encouraged.
  • To remove barriers to learning, leading to all children being actively engaged and energised in whole school life.
  • To develop a music curriculum, which leads to collaborative performances within the community. Ultimately leading to Alsager becoming a centre for vocal excellence.
  • Deliver high quality opportunities for inclusive and competitive sport, which will contribute to our children leading healthy lifestyles.
  • Provide appropriate training for teaching and support staff, particularly with regard to implementing the new curriculum changes and closing the learning gap, between children who are disadvantaged in some way and other children.
  • To develop a student voice, in order to have an impact on Teaching and Learning in all schools.

Excalibur Primary School

Ivy Lane, Alsager, ST7 2RQ

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