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We are so excited to be welcoming in your pre-school child!  

This page is where you will find information about pre-school learning themes so you will be able to talk to your little one about what they have been busy doing.  It will be updated regularly to reflect what we have been learning.  Remember to also look out for our weekly pre-school letter.

Please see the tabs above to provide further information about Pre-school.  There is also a storytime video to enjoy!

Please ask if you have any questions.

Mrs Cheadle

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Pre-school learning themes

Welcome back to the second part of the Autumn term.  We hope you enjoyed the half term break with your family.  This is always an exciting time in school as we have the run up to Christmas.

Our first theme, this half term, is based on…

First Experiences.png

First experiences clipart.png

We will explore books from the ‘First experience’ Usborne series, to talk about different experiences the pre-school children may encounter.  We will relate these first experiences to our own life story.

First experience book.png

We will share a wealth of other first experience stories from well-known characters like Topsy and Tim, Maisy and Peppa Pig.

Topsy and Tim Birthday party.jpg Topsy and Tim hospital.jpg Topsy and Tim move house.jpg 

Maisy library.png Topsy and Tim new baby.jpg Maisy eye doctor.jpeg 

Peppa police book.png 

These books will provide the stimulus for a variety of role-play opportunities, language and creative experiences.  The children will also begin to understand more about new experiences that may change their life story e.g moving house or a new sibling.



During our PSHE lessons, we will talk about ‘keeping safe’, for example, during bonfire celebrations, when crossing the road or the local level crossings.  This will help the children to understand why it’s important to be sensible in certain situations. We will also talk about the school fire drill so the pre-school children know what to do and what is happening when they experience the school alarm for the first time.  Hearing a loud alarm can be frightening so this will help them feel prepared.

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In Maths, we will be naming, matching and sorting colours.  We will explore repeating patterns using colour, shape and size.  Our number focus will be on digits one and two.  The children will count objects with reliable one to one. They will learn to recognise one or two as a quantity.   We will also continue our selection of number rhymes and songs.


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