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Pupil Illness

From time to time, children become ill and this can not be helped. As much as we want EVERY child to have full attendance, we also want them to be fit and well for school, not just for themselves but to avoid spreading any infectious bugs or illnesses.

We believe that applying a common sense approach is the most sensible thing to do when deciding if your child is too sick/ill for school.

If your child is ill with sickness and/or diarrhoea they will remain off school for 48 hours after the last bout. If your child has a temperature, isn’t eating or drinking properly and is generally not themselves, then your child should remain off school until they are fit and well enough to return.

However, we understand that children can inadvertently make themselves ‘sick’ through too much sugar, over excitement or nerves and then within 5 minutes, they are right as rain. This is unlikely to be caused by a sickness bug and we ask you to apply a common sense approach but to inform school of the situation and to seek our advice.

For further advice about symptoms, illnesses or bugs, contact your own GP or visit the NHS website at: https://111.nhs.uk/ 

 What to do if my child is ill.

  1. Contact school before 9am on the first day to notify of the absence and giving a reason.
  2. School will contact parents if no correspondance has been received and the child is absent from school.


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