‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Year 3

October 2021 - Iron Man

As part of their learning around the Iron Man by Ted Hughes, Year 3 wrote guides for how to catch the Iron Man and prevent him from eating anymore vehicles. They used sub-headings to organise their writing.

Year 3 - Iron Man B.jpgYear 3 - Iron Man A.jpg

The Iron Man Approaches Narrative - November 2020

Continuing with our focus on The Iron Man, we wrote a piece of writing to describe the Iron Man approaching. The aim of our writing was to create a detailed description of the Iron Man as he appears closer and closer to the reader. We used paragraphs to separate our ideas and tried to include apostrophes for possession and noun phrases to engage and maintain the readers' interest. 



The Iron Man Kenning - October 2020

As we started to read The Iron Man, Year 3 wrote a kenning to describe the main character, The Iron Man. Each line only has two words joined by a hyphen.


Storm Whale Setting Description - September 2020

Year 3 completed a piece of writing describing a setting in the text The Storm Whale. A variety of skills were used including descritive phrases and prepositions. 

Rhodopis Egyptian Cinderella - November 2019

Year 3 have been busy writing a diary entry in role as Rhodopis from our class text Egyptian Cinderella. They thought about the important events in Rhodopis’ day and made sure that they followed the features of a diary entry. 



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