‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Standon Bowers - Year 4 - Blog 4

Date: 5th Mar 2020 @ 5:58pm

After a short break, Year 4 moved on to the second activity of the afternoon, swapping with the other group. More caving exploits were undertaken, including a variety of games and challenges. On the low ropes, the children were tasked with scaling a cargo net and traversing a range of obstacles. Following our busy afternoon of activities, it was time for the evening meal! With jacket potato or pizza to choose from, along with a salad selection, the children had a hearty meal to prepare them for the evening activity. After dinner, the children undertook their group tasks, including tidying the games room and hoovering the dining hall. They are now just finishing their jobs and enjoying half an hour’s free time before the camp fire.

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