‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Year 6

Persuasive Speeches - November 2021

Using the Queen's speech from COP26 as inspiration, the children in Year 6 created their own speeches on a theme which they felt strongly about. Topics included anti-racism, anti-bullying, equality in football and climate change.

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Room 13 - October 2021

Inspired by an extract from Room 13 by Robert Swindells, Year 6 wrote their own version of a dream sequence, where the book’s protagonist, Fliss, is drawn towards a mysterious building.


Animal Non-Chronological Report - November 2020

As part of their study of science, the children learnt about adaptations and how species evolve to be suited to their environments. After extensive research during computing, Year 6 were tasked with producing their own non-chronological report to provide detail about either a fossa, a black lemur or a Rothschild's giraffe. To succeed, the children utilised their skills in using hyphens and dashes, as well as writing in an appropriately formal style.


The Dream - September 2020

In September, as part of their focus on Room 13, Year 6 wrote their own version of a chapter where the main character finds herself in front a mysterious, foreboding mansion but feels compelled to investigate. The children used a variety of literary skills, including short sentences, in order to engage the reader.


Journey through Paris - February 2020

Now writing from Hugo's perspective, Year 6 wrote about the journey through Paris, from the relative safety of Montparnasse Train Station to the doorstep of the old man. The children included description about the streets and other Parisian locales.


The Thief - January 2020

As part of their English work on the Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, Year 6 focused on the early chapter, writing from the old man's perspective, where Hugo attempts to steal a blue wind-up mouse from the toy store. Catching him red handed, the old man confronts the thief, discovering a mysterious notebook in the process.



Eyewitness Report - October 2019

As part of their learning about apartheid-era South Africa, Year 6 wrote eyewitness reports, writing from the perspective of one of the student protesters.



Recount of a Trip to Whitby - October 2019

Using Robert Swindell's Room 13 as inspiration, Year 6 wrote a recount of the characters' day trip around Whitby. Using photographs from Mr. Hancock's trip to the seaside town, they included detail about the Whalebone Arch, Whitby Abbey and St. Mary's Church.




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