‘Nurturing Individual Excellence’

Sports Week - 22nd May 2017 to 26th May 2017

Lesson: Physical education

Day One - Monday 22nd May 2017


We launched Sports Week this year with an inspiring assembly with Mr. Mackey, a former American Football player who spent 10 seasons in the game and represented Great Britain at the sport; he shared his sporting story with us.
During the assembly, he explained the rules to the children and demonstrated the equipment by having Mr. Hancock don the protective shoulder pads.
The main message was to always try your best and that's something we know everybody will do during 2017's Excalibur Sports Week!


Soft Archery with Alsager Scouts & Guides

We were privileged to be joined by members of the local Scout and Guide group, who led a soft archery activity with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. For most of the children, it was the first time they had tried out the sport and it was fantastic to see them trying their best to hit the targets.

Climbing Wall with Peak Pursuits

This year, we booked the climbing wall mainly for our younger children, with Year 1, 2 and 3 getting the chance to give rock climbing a go. Everybody who participated tried their best, many overcoming a fear of heights to climb as high as they could. Many of our staff gave it a go as well!
For the last session, Year 6 got the opportunity to climb the wall, honing their skills from previous Sports Weeks.

Yoga with Mrs. Whittaker

This morning, Mrs. Whittaker ran yoga sessions with Year 4, 5 and 6 which was a calming and rewarding experience for everybody who took part. During the session, they tried a variety of yoga moves, some much harder than others.

Cricket with Ben Tomlinson

Ben Tomlinson, a cricket coach who has been providing coaching on Tuesday afternoons for the last two terms, got the opportunity to work with Year 1, 2, 4 and 5 throughout the day.
It's fantastic to have a club coach come in and work with our children and the feedback was that we have some fantastic cricketers and everybody put in their all.

Tennis with Phil Ingram of Alsager Tennis Club

Year 3 were visited by Phil Ingram, who ran a tennis session at Excalibur. During the session, the children practised their tennis skills and had some rallies over the tennis nets.

Town Sports with Mr. Hancock

Year 2, 5 and 6 practised for the upcoming Town Sports, running a variety of races to improve their times and compete for a position on the 2017 Town Sports squad.
During the session they competed in sprints, sack race, skipping, egg 'n' spoon and obstacle. Everybody gave it their all and it was fantastic to see some outstanding individual performances as well. Year 3 and 4 will also be doing this later in the week.

Rugby Warm-up

Year 5 and 6 participated in a short Rugby warm-up in preparation for an intra-school competition at a future date.

Day Two - Tuesday 23rd May 2017


Yoga with Mrs. Whittaker

We were privileged to be rejoined by Mrs. Whittaker for a second day where she worked with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to give them a go at yoga. Throughout the session, they acted as different animals, including lions and snakes, to practise some yoga moves. Well done to everybody for their enthusiasm throughout the sessions.


Rugby with Mr. Gidman of Longton Rugby Club

Mr. Gidman joined us for the day to run rugby sessions with Year 1, 2, 3 and 4. Throughout the session, the children practised the various skills needed in a game of rugby, including: the ability to run with the ball; the skill of tagging the opposition; and the all-important try. Mr. Gidman is due to return tomorrow to work longer with Year 1 and 2 and to run a first session with reception.

Tennis with Phil Ingram of Alsager Tennis Club

Year 5 and 6 visited Alsager Tennis Club to take part in a tennis session led by Phil Ingram, Alsager Tennis Club's coach. Having the opportunity to visit the club was fantastic for all the children, enabling them to participate in sport at a top-class local venue.
Throughout the session, all the children did fantastically, successfully playing singles games on half of a full court and improving from the start of the session to the end.

Tri Golf with Mr Hilditch, the Captain of Alsager Golf Club

Excalibur was visited by Mr. Hilditch, from Alsager Golf Club, and Mrs. Hilditch, who ran Tri Golf activities with Year 1, 2, 3 and 4. During the sessions, the children practised their golf swing and learnt about the correct technique. Well done everybody, many of whom were trying golf for the first time.

Football with Mr. Cross of AFC Alsager

We were joined by Mr. Cross, our governor and AFC Alsager coach, who organised an intraschool football competition for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6. Throughout the competition, all of our children played fantastically, showing sportsmanship and determination throughout. Well done to the winning teams and thank you to AFC for leading the event.

Basketball with Mr. Hancock, linked with Alsager Aces Basketball Club

This morning, Mr. Hancock ran basketball sessions with Year 1 and Year 2, giving them a taste for the sport. During the session, the children practised their dribbling and passing skills (chest pass and bounce pass) and even got into mini possession games to apply what they had learnt.
During the session, the children performed brilliantly, with some fantastic individual performances and teamwork shown. Well done to everyone who took part.

Parachute Games

Reception took part in a variety of parachute games, including ball games.

Day Three - Wednesday 24th May 2017

Football Skills with Mr. Cross of AFC Alsager

Mike Cross returned today to run football skills session with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. As part of the activities, they practised their dribbling skills and Year 2 played some mini games. All of the children played fantastically, showing some great footballing skills as well as an attitude of striving to get better.

RAF Drills with Mr. Pickin

Using his experience as a former member of the Royal Air Force, Mr. Pickin ran some military-style exercises with Year 5 and Year 6. During the session, he went through marching exercises and gave the children a small taste of what basic training in the RAF includes. He also spoke to them about his role and showed them his uniform and yard measuring stick.

Rugby with Mr. Gidman of Longton Rugby Club

Following on from yesterday, Mr. Gidman returned to run a second session with Year 1 and Year 2. After successful skills sessions yesterday, he ran some mini games with the children, giving them a further taste of tag rugby. He also worked with reception, running some rugby skills activities and giving them their first experience of the sport.


With the help of some of our Year 6 children, reception took part in orienteering around the school site. They had to use a map of the school to find a variety of soft toys placed at locations, including by the trunk of a tree and at the corner of the school building. The children all had an exciting time running around and looking for the teddy bears.

Tennis with Phil Ingram of Alsager Tennis Club

Year 4 visited Alsager Tennis Club to take part in a tennis session with Phil Ingram. During the session they practised their basic racket and ball skills, before getting into some mini games. Well done to everybody for working so hard, even in the heat.

Golf with Paul Shenton and Yvonne Hildicth from Alsager Golf Club

Two junior coaches from Alsager Golf Club visited school to work with Year 5 and 6, who participated in a golf session on the field. Everyone who took part did well, improving from the beginning of the session to the end. During the activities, they practised their golf swing and then aimed to get the ball through the goalposts.

Town Sports with Mr. Hancock

Year 3 and 4 practised the events for town sports, including egg 'n' spoon, sack race, skipping, obstacle, beanbag and sprint. Year 4 even competed in a long distance race around the school field. Everyone put in their all from start to finish, with some fantastical individual results recorded as well. The information from the session will be used to help with selecting the Town Sports squad.


Day Four - Thursday 25th May 2017


We were joined by Mr. Morris, PE Teacher and Alsager Community Trust Sports Co-Ordinator, and a group of sports leaders from the high school, who ran athletics activities with all of our children throughout the day. Activities included: shot put, soft javelin, SAQ hurdles and other things.
Local athletics clubs include Crewe & Nantwich Athletics Club at the Cumberland Track in Crewe and Stoke Athletics Club at Northwood Stadium. For more information, see the local clubs section of the school website.

Hockey linked with Triton Hockey Club

Several of our year groups participated in hockey sessions led by their class teachers. During the sessions, they practised their dribbling and passing skills and even got into some mini games. Alsager is privileged to be home to a thriving hockey club: Triton, based at Alsager Leisure Centre Astro-turf. Junior sessions take place on Saturday mornings.

Dance with Faye & Co.

We were delighted to be joined by Faye Taylor, who ran dance sessions with our children throughout the day. Reception to Year 6 were lucky enough to give it a go, enjoying the bright sunshine with some music outdoors.

Diamond Cricket

Mrs. Tomkinson took Year 6 on the field for a game of diaond cricket, which they all thoroughly enjoyed.

ASM Sports

Mr. Bell from ASM ran athletics activities with Year 3 and Year 5.

Day Five - Friday 26th May 2017

The last day of sports week was the school's Sports Day. The morning session was the Infant Sports day and in the afternoon the Juniors.
Many thanks to all the visitors and school staff for making Sports Week possible.

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