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Medication in School

It is preferable that parents or an adult nominated by the parent administer medicine to their children.  Ideally, this could be effected by the child going home during a suitable break or by the parent visiting the school.

 However, this might not be practical if, for example, the child’s home is a considerable distance from the school or his/her parents are working or the medication is a regular long-term requirement.  In such a case it is likely that a request could be made for medicine to be administered to the child in school.

 Should your child need medicine to be administered at school then a medical form must be completed and handed with the medicine, by an adult, to the school office. 

 Children must not bring their own medicine into school or take it from school to home for safety reasons. If a pupil brings to school any medication for which the Headteacher has not received written notification the staff will not be held responsible for that medication.



We encourage parents to apply sun cream in the morning before the children come to school and to provide NAMED sun protection for re-application by your child at lunchtime where necessary. Due to potential skin sensitivities we do not allow children to share sun protection products with others. Providing a sun hat for play times is also a good idea.


The school promotes self-administration of sun cream by pupils and staff are not permitted to apply.

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