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Pupil Voice - December 2023

"I enjoy learning about different things. Last week, we learnt about traffic. We went to Asda to see if it was busier round here." - Year 5

"We used a tally chart to count the number of cars." - Year 5

"We use our knowledge organisers to help us remember our learning" - Year 4

"I enjoyed learning about the Amazon Rainforest" - Year 3

"I like learning about the continents because I didn't know all of them and I didn't know we lived in Europe but now I do." - Year 2

"I liked it when we made the map of the classroom." - Year 1

Pupil Voice - June 2023

Pupil voice June 2023
- Gwen and Esme in Year 2 could sing the continents song and remembered them all! Well done!
- Betsy and Lissie in Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about Shackleton's exploration of Antarctica- they could point out and describe some of the physical features. They also knew that there are actually no permanent residents of Antarctica which was interesting. We discussed why this might be and decided that the climate would probably be a major factor!
- In Year 4, Liv and Imogen were extremely enthusiastic when telling me all about their learning based upon volcanoes and earthquakes. They explained why some people would choose to live near them and why others wouldn't. 

Pupil Voice - March 2023

“I really enjoyed going out into the playground and onto the field to look at different types of rocks. It was really interesting and now I wonder about what type of rocks I can see when I’m out walking the dog” Year 4

“I decided I would prefer to live in Canada because of the cold climate but my friends thought they would like to live in France because they don’t like it too hot or too cold” Year 2

“I can remember exactly where I went around the playground and field because I just look at the journey stick and it helps me remember where I picked each thing up” Year 1

“It was really tricky to give each other specific directions so that our partner ended up at the right place” Year 3

“I think it’s really important that we learn about Geography. We can find out about other places we’d never get the chance to visit and we might find the answers about how to look after our planet better” Year 6

Pupil Voice - March 2022

Mrs Bailey met with small groups of students from Year 1 to 6 to discuss the impact of the geography curriculum.

"I enjoy using Google Earth to travel to different places." (Y1)

"I love learning about frozen places in our topic." (Y1)

"We found out the different places in the world where our food comes from." (Y2)

"I loved it when we looked at the different maps of Alsager and traced things like the roads to see what had changed." (Y2)

"I love learning about different places that we don't know about and how they do things differently there." (Y3)

"I learnt about the equator in Year 2 which helped me when we were learning about climate zones and biomes because I knew where the hot and cold places were already." (Y3)

"Because we have labelled different countries and places on maps before, I could find places more easily when we were looking at where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings had come from." (Y4)

"I loved finding out where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came from. It was like a puzzle." (Y4)

"I remember that we learnt about climate zones in Year 3 and this helped me learn more about climate and biomes this year." (Y5)

"I loved doing research on the computer using Google Earth and Google Maps to find the rainforest." (Y5)

"I loved going on the field trip. I wrote some really good sentences about it and it was good to have a closer look at things like the wildlife rather than looking at a photo." (Y6)

"It is important to do geography so we can improve our general knowledge and it will help us to navigate when we get older." (Y6)


Pupil Voice - November 2021


Mrs Bailey met with small groups of students from Year 2 to 6 to discuss the impact of the geography curriculum.


"We learn about the world." (Y2)

"We learn about what is urban and natural." (Y2)

"We learnt about each of the places. They are continents and we labelled them. We also labelled oceans." (Y2)

"In geography, we learnt about the River Nile and how it kept them alive because it helped grow the crops." (Y3)

"I’ve learnt that when the River Nile floods it helps the plants to grow. It’s really hard to grow crops because it’s so hot." (Y3)



Pupil Voice - February 2020

Mrs Rogers met with small groups of students from Year 1 to 6 to discuss the impact of the humanities curriculum.

“I like using an atlas. Google Earth is techie and more realistic.” (Y5)

“I like using the hybrids to do the research to type in what we want. We wrote our own questions and answered them." (Y5)

"You find out all this stuff using Google and Atlases. School helps you learn.” (Y3)

“We have been comparing the Arctic and Antarctic.” (Y1)

“We were learning about different seasons. We had to put the season in different places.” (Y1)

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