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What it's like to be a geographer at Excalibur

A Showcase of Geography

Year 1 - Messy Maps

Year 1 created their own maps of their classroom using a variety of objects. Prior to creating their maps, they learnt about directional language, such as left and right. They also had to work in groups to decide what objects to use to represent different items in the classroom.




Year 1 - Investigating Daily Weather

Our Year 1 children investigated the weather in the local area. They used rain gauges and observed the depth and width of puddles in the playground.


Year 2 - Our Local Area Fieldwork

Our dedicated Year 2 geographers visited Delarmere for and, as part of their residential, carried out a fieldwork study on the wildlife found in a local woodland habitat. During their work, they found a variety of species, including shrimp, waterbeetle, newts, water boatmen and larvae. In some cases, they humanely trapped the species and observed them carefully, before returning them to their habitat. On their return to school, they completed a bar chart showing the number of plants and animals they had seen. They then concluded their findings by answering the following key questions: Which creature did we find the most of? Which creature did we find the least of? Why do we need to protect these habitats?

local habitats 1.jpg

local habitats 2.jpg#

local habitats 3.jpg

local habitats 4.jpg

local habitats.jpg

Year 3 - Marauding with Maps

As part of their learning about settlements, Year 3 learnt how to map read in order to observe, find and discuss different features in the local area and why certain human and physical features were found in particular areas. They learnt how to orientate their maps and follow a basic route using them.


Year 4 - Coming soon...

Year 5 - New Brighton Trip

As part of their learning about oceans, Year 5 visited New Brighton to carry out a field study in a coastal town. During their time there, they observed how much litter there was and considered why this might be the case.


Year 6 - Where is the best place for a solar pannel?

As part of their learning about energy sources, Year 6 observed the Excalibur site and considered where the best location for a solar panel would be. They then wrote a letter to Mrs. Jones with their recommendations. During their deliberations, they had to consider the impact that the panels would have on the local residents, children and teachers. This had to incorporate considerations around safety and practicality.




Year 5 - December 2023

Pic Collage Y5.JPG


Year 2 - July 2023

Y2 Llandudno.jpeg

Year 5 - July 2023

Y5 New Brighton.jpeg


Year 5 - June 2023

Y5 Atlas.jpeg

Year 2 -  March 2023 - Fieldwork

We investigated two different habitats - streams and ponds. We investigated the differences in the creatures that lived there. Then we discussed why this may be. 

Delamere fb.jpg Delamere fb.jpg

Year 5 - March 2023

As part of Year 5’s geography learning about the Alps, we went on a field trip around Alsager to identify the leisure facilities and transport there is in our local area. We used maps and asked the general public about their opinions through a questionnaire. This enabled us to compare our local area to the Alps.  

Y5 Geo.jpg Y5 Geo 2.jpg Y5 Geo 3.jpg Y5 Geo 4.jpg

Y5 Geo 5.jpg


Year 1 - January 2023

Year 1 geography.jpg

Geography Field Work- February 2023

Geography year 3.png

Year 3 created an aerial view map of the school by walking around the school grounds and by using Google Maps to add the finishing touches. When they had finished, they also wrote some instructions for someone else to follow using their maps and the 4 points on the compass. 

Geography Field Trip to Westport Lake - November 2021

Year 6 visited Longport to carry out a series of geography field studies. They did a nature survey around Westport Lake, where they noted down all the different species they could find. In Longport itself, they did a traffic survey, noting down the amount and types of vehicles that used three different roads. They also completed a building usage survey involving the identification of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

IMG_0725.JPG IMG_0737.JPG

Year 1 Exploring the school grounds - October 2021

In October, the Year 1 children explored the school environment.  They had a walk around the school grounds and thought about the things they liked and disliked.  On a later visit, they used their senses to record what they could see, hear, feel and smell in different areas of the grounds.  It encouraged the children to look more carefully as they recorded a response in a special table.

Geography collage pic likes and dislike walk.JPG

Y6 Fieldwork Skills - October 2020

In October, Year 6 practised their fieldwork skills in geography through carrying out a traffic survey in the town centre and a nature survey in the fields near to school. During the day, they honed their observational skills to take note of the physical and human geography of the local area. Once back at school, they considered their results and wrote conclusions on their findings.


Drawing Maps to tell a story in Reception - January 2020

As part of thir learning around The Gruffalo's Child the children made maps to tell the story.




Drawing Maps of our Welly Walk in Reception - December 2019

After our welly walk, Mrs Bailey asked us to draw a map of the route that we took so she could take her dog. We talked about the different things that we saw on the way and things that we would need to include on our map like the school, where we crossed the road and the gate at the entrance to Merelake Way.


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