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Pupil Voice

October 2023


I liked it when we were using different objects to print.

We were putting shapes together and printing different colours.

You have to add lots of colour and detail and keep looking at what you're drawing.

We learn about art so we can get better. We might use it as our job.

It's always tricky drawing from your imagination.


Years 3 and 4

I enjoy trying new things and learning about famous artists.

We learnt about Quentin Blake the illustrator, and Rachel Whiteread who is a sculptor.

I loved the felt-making lesson as it was something new.

Anybody can be an artist!

Our art lessons help our creativity.

My sketching and shading get better every year.

I found working with cellophane a challenge. You need the right mix of colours.

The cave art was quite tricky as you were adding detail onto an uneven surface.

If we get stuck you can ask an adult or our support partners. You just need to keep trying and show resilience.


Years 5 and 6

I enjoyed the futuristic art work. We had the freedom to do what we wanted and use our imagination.

Using a view finder helped us develop drawings with pastels.

When we were doing futuristic art we were using lots of different skills and trying different styles.

Art is important because it helps you express your emotions.

We learn about different artists, how they did it. It helps us develop our techniques.



June 2023

Year 1

'I like it because it is fun. We have been mixing colours and drawing.'

'We have made 3D paper art and been learning about mixing primary colours to make new ones.'

'I enjoyed drawing the owl and its feathers.'

'I liked printing with vegetables.'

'I liked the shapes when we connected them together and I used my favourite colours.'

'We learnt about Kandinsky - he uses lots of shapes. And Henri Matisse.'


Year 2

'We have learnt about texture, mixing, drawing, using clay and about Quentin Blake and Rachel Whiteread.'

'I have enjojed making our own papers for the collage and how to use texture when drawing our teddies.'

'I liked learning about how Quentin Blake draws and looking at 17th Century houses for ideas for our clay tile.'

'I enjoyed designing and making my collage from the papers we made - it turned out pretty good!'


Year 3

"I think art is a 10 out of 10 because we get to express how we feel through art."

"Miss Forrester shows us what to do before we do it. The videos also help us with the explanation."

"We were learning about plants so we took off the petals and we drew them. We had a magnifying glass to look at them so we could add detail."


Year 5

"It's a fun subject where you can use your imagination."

"We learnt a lot of art techniques, such as shading."

"We got cardboard and different materials to create callagraph prints."

"We used lots of materials to draw, such as pen instead of pencil."

"The lesson on the different drawing styles helped with the finished product, as I could use the technqiues in the finished product."

"Our teacher gives us lots of ideas so that we're not struggling to think of what to draw."

'My best piece was when we were representing our own image with different media.'

'I enjoyed the futuristic astronaut, as we had freedon to do it how we wanted, using our own ideas.'

'By doing pastels in previous years we can go straight into it as we know how to use them.'


Year 6

'I've really enjoyed experimenting with different materials and brushes.'

'We looked at different artists to get inspiration from their style. I liked John Singer Sargent.'

'It's great to see the teacher share their ideas too!'

'I really enjoyed our last topic - photography. We've never done anything like that before.'

'Although I really like art, some of the drawing activities have really taken us out of our comfort zone.'

'The teacher gives us freedom and space to use our own ideas.'

'I'm definitely more confident in drawing now,'

'We've had lots of chances to draw and paint.'

'You don't have to worry about all presenting the same 'perfect' work beacsue you're doing your own thing.'



January 2023 - Twig Twisting


'The perfect way to spend two days - Twig Twisting with the Excalibur pupils.

Their excitement and enthusiasm was infectious and inspirational.'


Years 5 and 6

'It was quite tricky at the start, but once you got started it got easier and quite addictive!'

'I loved how the twigs were so bendy after being soaked in water. I've never seen a twig so bendy before.'

'I really enjoyed helping all the younger members of my group.'

'I really enjoyed it but it was quite challenging.'

'I thought it was fun and so different to what we normally do in art. Sarah helped us a lot so I know how to do it now.'

'I liked it because it was calming and took your mind off things. It was great fun too!'

'I enjoyed it and the people we made looked amazing. It was good how us children were the ones making it too!'

'It was fun for everyone of all ages to try.'

'I really enjoyed it but some bits were quite tricky!'Twig Twisting 1.jpg

Year 3 and 4

'It made me feel relaxed as I was twisting the head and the body.'

'It was great fun and reall interesting to see how the bodies were made.'

'It was a bit tricky, but very exciting. It was also nice to be with pupils from different classes.'

'It was calm and relaxing and fun to be working outside the classroom.'

KS1 and EYFS

'You had to bend twigs into a person. It was fun!'

'The bit when you had to twist it around was the trickiest bit.'

'It was hard to twist the end because it was a bit stiff. When I finished making it I was really happy because I loved how I had made it and it looked really good.'

'We had to thread the sticks then tie them up to make the human's body. It was fun!'

'We had to pull and push the twigs through - the older children helped us.'

'It was fun as we got to work on what had been started the day before.'

'I got really good at doing it so I helped Reception.'

'It was fun when we were making the skirt.'

'It was fun because although it was difficult, if you tried you could get better.'

'It was hard because you had to twist the small twigs into the bigger ones, but it was great fun and relaxing.'

'I liked it because of how it looked when we finished.'



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