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What it's like to be a designer at Excalibur

Shaduf in Year 3 - December 19

For our D&T project, we learnt about an Ancient Egyptian invention that was used to transfer water from the River Nile to dry land to water the crops that they grew. We thought about what a features make a shaduf successful and used this to create our own success criteria. Using this, we evaluated exsiting examples and made suggestions about how they could be improved. Next, we designed our own shaduf and carefully selected the materials that we intended to use based on the success criteria. Then we worked with a partner to create our shaduf's using our design. Once we had completed our construction, we tested the mechanism to see how successful it was at transferring water. Finally, we evaluated our shaduf's and considered how we could make improvements. It was a very busy day in Year 3.



Viking Long Ships in Year 4 - December 2019

Year designed and made a Viking long ship. Pupils included shields and sails and some added oars.


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