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Pupil Voice - 2023/2024

Mrs Bailey spoke to several children across the school to find out what they think about their history lessons. They also shared their books. Please see below for some of their comments:

"I love history! I like it when we have to write our answers down." Year 1

"I loved learning about Guy Fawkes! He tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament." Year 1

"Mrs Bailey pretended to be Guy Fawkes to help us remember what happened." Year 1

"We had to sort toys into old and new. I looked at the colour of the toys to help me decide. If it was shiny and bright colours then we knew that it was new. If it was dull and worn then we knew that it was old." Year 1

"I have loved learning about the seaside! It was really interesting learning about the reasons why people went to the seaside in the past." Year 2

"I liked acting out what the astronauts did on the moon. It helped me remember the different things that they did." Year 2

"I love the sources lessons. I like looking at all of the different sources about the past." Year 2

"I really liked writing the postcard because we got to pretend that we went to the seaside in the past." Year 2

"We have a timeline in our books. It helps us to remember when things are. The Ancient Egyptians were a long long time before the Great Fire of London!" Year 3

"I enjoyed finding clues to try and work out what the artefacts were." Year 3

"I loved tomb raiding! We got to go inside a tomb and learn about what they had inside like hieroglyphics." Year 3

"I loved going to the Potteries museum because we had fun and learnt lots. We saw what they used to wear". Year 4

"I remember that the Vikings were skilled craftsmen but it was the monks that made them look horrible." Year 4

"Vikings didn't really have horns on their helmets!" Year 4

"We learnt lots from pottery. We had to look at what was on the drawings and think about what we could learn from it. I remember on my pottery that there was a man getting ready to go to war." Year 5

"I loved the lesson where we pretended to go to the agora. We pretended to visit the agora so we could learn about the different people who went there. I had a card with a character and I had to read it to other people." Year 5

"I like history. There is always something that surprises me!" Year 5

"I liked the lesson where we had to look at the portraits of King Henry Vlll and Queen Elizabeth I. Some of the portraits looked so different and I learnt that you shouldn't be fooled by appearances!" Year 6

"I enjoyed putting historical events in a timeline. It was fun. We worked as a class and learnt about lots of different events." Year 6

"My teacher loves history. We learn lots from him." Year 6

"One lesson that really stood out was when we looked at Herbert's memoir. We learnt lots about life in the second world war and Mr Hancock added a plot twist so that we remembered the lesson! Herbert was his grandfather." Year 6


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