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Pupil Voice - March 2022

Mrs Bailey met with small groups of students from Year 1 to 6 to discuss the impact of the history curriculum.

"I learnt about Guy Fawkes. He tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament." (Y1)

"The King wasn't being nice to the country." (Y1)

"We learnt about jobs in the 17th century and how they were different to jobs now. There was an apothecary but not we have doctors." (Y2)

"We acted out the events of the Great Fire in the hall. It was unstoppable because the houses were made out of wood." (Y2)

"We do exit questions so our teacher knows what we have learnt." (Y2)

"We mummified a tomato. It was gross! It helped me understand the steps in mummification." (Y3)

"We have knowledge organisers. We use these to help us if we forget something. We also use them to play 'Beat the Teacher' which helps us remember important things." (Y3)

"It is really important to learn about the past." (Y3)

"The Ancient Egyptians came before the Great Fire of London because it was BC and the Great Fire was AD." (Y3)

"Learning about the Romans helped me this year because I know that the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain after the Romans had left." (Y4)

"The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings came to Britain because they wanted goods." (Y4)

"It is important to learn about the past so we can learn from mistakes and be grateful for what we have." (Y5)

"I love learning about the past and how people lived then." (Y5)

"We have a class timeline and we add things to it like when movies were created. It also has World War 2 on it too that we learnt about last year." (Y6)

"It is important to learn about the past so that we know what people have gone through." (Y6)

"We do Flashback 4 in our lessons to help us remember dates. It gets stuck in our heads." (Y6)



Pupil Voice - November 2021

Mrs Bailey met with small groups of students from Year 2 to 6 to discuss the impact of the history curriculum.


"I like history because it’s just been getting more interesting every time we do it." (Y3)

"I like learning new things about Egypt." (Y3)

"I learnt that they didn’t have bricks – they had wooden posts and hay mixed with moulding clay on the top to make a bright sandy colour." (Y3)

"I learnt that there is writing paper and they call it papyrus." (Y3)

"I like that it’s not just about the same things." (Y4)

"We did a timeline to show the order of events." (Y4)

"I'm proud of my timeline because it was fun to make and I learnt stuff that I didn’t know." (Y4)

"We were looking at pictures of artefacts and deciding what they might be." (Y4)

"We learnt about WWII and I know a lot about it. It's interesting to know about it." (Y5)

"I am proud of my comprehension because we had to find different answers from the questions. The answers were from the text. It was a challenge.The text was about the Battle of Britain." (Y5)

"I am most proud of the timeline because we were reading about it and all the facts. I knew which order to do them in." (Y5)

"I enjoyed learning about Hector Pieterson and apartheid in general because I get to learn how people lived and died. I also like WWII because we got to learn morse code." (Y6)

"I liked learning about Winston Churchill and Germany last year." (Y6)

"I am proud of this piece of work where I wrote down the differences between FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela." (Y6)

"I’m proud of 21.10.21 because we got to learn about Biko’s song. The song was about apartheid and how he made difference." (Y6)


Pupil Voice - February 2020

Mrs Rogers met with small groups of students from Year 1 to 6 to discuss the impact of the humanities curriculum.

“It’s good not to forget important times from the past”. (Y6)

“I like finding the links between countries such as the relationship between France and Africa and P4C.” (Y6)

“I like how you get to learn about the past, our ancestors.” (Y4)

“I like history because you get to learn about famous events and people from the past, people that you don’t know.” (Y4)

“I liked learning about Reginald Mitchell.” (Y2)

“I like the writing and figuring out all the history from a long time ago.” (Y2)

“Using a timeline. You learn the past to now.” (Y2)

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