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Pupil Voice


What have you been learning about in music?

Key Stage 1


'We have been singing lots of Nursery Rhymes.'

'We know a song about Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.'

'We listen to the beat, playing with the beat.'

'We do lots of songs and get to play the beat.'

'Singing lets you get your expression out!'

'I like playing the different instruments and can follow the rhythm.'

'We have learnt new songs and can split into 2 parts.'

'I like learning the songs.'


Key Stage 2

'I really like playing lots of different instruments.'

'We have been listening to lots of different types of music - old and new.'

'Learning new songs is fun.'

'We play the beat on drumsticks like we learnt to in Year 2.'

'I struggled with the instrument (glockenspiel) at first, but I'm better now.'

'I like to learn new songs, and learn them well, so that we can perform them.'



Extra Curricular Music 


'I love going to Rock Steady - we work step by step to learn the words.'

'It's great that I have my guitar lessons with my friend.'

'My piano teacher has changed some music for me so that I can play things that I like - like Star Wars.'

'I'm enjoying playing the guitar. Maybe my brother can do it when he comes to this school.'


Young Voices - Jan 2023

'I couldn't believe how many people went and how many little lights there were.'

'It was a great experience! I would definitely go again.'

'I enjoyed eveything. It was amazing - a once in a  lifetime opportunity.'

'I really enjoyed singing and listening to Heather Small and the Beatboxers.'







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