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Pupil Voice February 2024

Mrs Steer spoke to groups of children from each year group about their learning in PE. All of the children were eager to share their learning and spoke confidently about their experiences of PE at Excalibur.

Below are some comments from the children and their PE lessons and learning.

What do you enjoy about PE?

Playing games. Year 1

We get to be active and move around. Year 4

It is good for you to exercise. Year 4

You get to do dancing and learn sports/skills. Year 5

We do different sports that we enjoy. Year 6

It makes me happy. Year 6

Why do you think it is important to learn about PE?

Exercising is really important. Year 1

So your brain and body can move (exercise). Year 6

Keeps you fit and healthy. Year 6

So you can get better and better. Year 2

To express yourself. Year 4

Makes you happy and makes your body get healthier and fitter. Year 4

Each (half) term you do a new sport and are able to get used to it. Year 5

We do things that we don't learn at home. Year 5


What do you do if you are stuck?

Ask the teacher. Year 5

Ask a friend. year 4

Carry on. Year 2

Try harder. Year 2

Ask the sports ambassadors. Year 6



Here are all the activities that the children have done in their PE sessions.

*Benchball                  *Yoga                            *Parachute             *Dance

*Basketball                  *Dodgeball                     *Netball                 *Gymnastics

*Tag rugby                   *Football                      *Hockey                   *Running 

*Catching                 *Balancing                        *Team games            *Athletics


Here the opportunities we have had to take part in after school clubs.

*Tennis                        *Football                        *Tag rugby                  *Dance

*Netball                       *Multi skills                    *Hockey               *Basketball               






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