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What it's like to be a historian at Excalibur

Yellow Brick Road Workshop - Year 6 - October 2020

In October, Year 6 received a visit from the Yellow Brick Road Workshops, where they learnt about the Colonisation of Africa. During the session, they learnt so much that one child said "We've learnt too much!": they found out about the trans-Atlantic slave trade; they discussed the ethical considerations of the British Museum's Benin Bronze collection; they practised some traditional African dance; they felt and looked at a variety of African fabrics; and they created their own African soundscape. Many thanks to Veronica and Alice for the insightful and engaging session.


Viking Day - Year 4 - October 2019

This term year 4 have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings! We were very lucky to have a Viking raid our hall! During our Viking workshop day, we dressed up as Vikings and learned all about Viking stories, weapons and funerals. Our visitor brought along Viking swords, chain armour and shields for us to look at and we were even allowed to try some helmets on! Thank you very much to Manaraefan Herred for visiting Excalibur and providing us with such a wonderful days experience as Vikings!


Stoke City Stadium - Year 2 - October 2019

Year 2 visited the BET365 Stadium to learn more about Sir Stanley Matthews a local and worldwide footballing legend. During our visit we were allowed in the home and away changing rooms, as well as onto the pitch side area. In the Sir Stanley Matthews suite we learned about the footballers life before, during and after his footballing career.



Year 5 and 6 Timeline - September 2019

In order to enhance their understanding of chronology, Year 5 & 6 spent an afternoon in the hall to create their own timeline. Initially, the children worked in groups to list as many historical events as possible. Suggestions included previously-learnt topic areas, such as World War II, the Great Fire of London, the Vikings and Ancient Egypt. In addition, other events were chosen, including the London 2012 Olympics, the Big Bang, the EU Referendum and the start of the Christian calendar.

Once the list was made, the groups were tasked with sticking the events up on the wall, starting with the Big Bang at one end and present day at the other. 

Through discussions and debate, the timeline was amended and improved until a detailed chronology of historical events was constructed around the room.

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