"My teacher always gets excited to teach history. It makes me excited to learn all about it."

"I really like history! I love learning all about the past."

"I love it when we do activities where we get to move around the classroom and learn from each other."

"I like being able to tell my parents all about what we have learnt."



In Reception, we have been history detectives! After reading the story of, 'Peepo', we talked about what life was like in the past when Alan was a baby. We started our sentences with, "In the past...". We had to investigate a number of different mysterious objects from the past. We had to think about what they might have been used for and we had a go at using them. We also shared two further stories to further deepen our understanding of how life was different in the past. 

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Year 1

We have been learning all about the history of toys in year 1. During our learning we have explored a variety of different types of toys, including modern toys, toys from when our grandparents were young and toys from the Victorian times. We sorted the different toys into old and new, thinking carefully about what they were made from, what they looked like and how they worked. To finish our topic, we set up our own toy museum for the year 2 children to visit. We made our own exhibits by writing information labels which told the museum visitors whether the toy was old or new, when it was from and how we knew when it was from. 

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